How to create Christmas lettered garland

Welcome back for the One Item Challenge! This week’s item was ribbon, my mind was spinning with all sorts of fabulous ideas but being super busy combined with being behind on everything I ended up making garland.  This was so easy to make, took about 10 minutes and I am so happy with the results!

You only need three items, glitter letters, (I found mine at Michael’s) Ribbon of your choice and scissors.

Lay out all the letters

I only peeled back the upper part of the sticky backing on the letters so they wouldn’t start sticking to every surface around.  I  simply attached the letters to the ribbon starting with the last letter so I wouldn’t run out of ribbon.

That’s it, I told you it was easy!

You could get really creative if you want.  Using bigger letters, thick ribbon, the possibilities are endless.  I think this garland will be perfect hanging up on our mantel but who knows it might make it’s way over to the Christmas tree.

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A great big thank you to Shauna from Satori Design for Living for inviting me to be part of this fabulous party, it has been so much fun!

DIY Mini Snowballs

~Hi Friends~

Happy Friday, I sure have Christmas on the brain early this year! I have never decorated before Thanksgiving but since it falls so late I thought I better get a head start.  I was trying to come up with fun ways to wrap presents and thought little mini snowballs would be the perfect addition to any gift.

These we seriously the easiest thing I have ever made.  All you need is a wine cork cut in half, scissors, glue gun and some fluffy white yarn.

Simply cut the cork in half, dab hot glue onto the side of the cork and begin wrapping the yarn around.  Add a few more dabs of hot glue on the end of the cork and continue wrapping.  When you are finished secure the yarn with one last dab of glue.  

Tie a knot around the snowball with a 6 inch piece of yarn and add it to your presents.

 Voila, so pretty and yet so simple.

Would you like to see how I created the really large snowballs?  The bigger ones are perfect for display, ornaments or decoration, head on over to At The Picket Fence for the tutorial and see what I used for the inside. (It wasn’t a wine cork)

Every FRIDAY they are sharing a simple craft that ANYONE can make in five minutes. I was so honored to be their guest blogger today, thank you Heather and Vanessa! You can see more of their 5 minute craft series here.

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Thank you so much for stopping in today, have a fabulous weekend!

DIY Painted Snowflake Plate

I am so excited to be part of the One Item Project Challenge this holiday season! Every week this month each blogger will be given a specific item to create with. This week our challenge was to come up with a project using glass paint so I made painted snowflake Christmas plates.

Here is what you will need:

Rubbing Alcohol
Glass Paint
Craft brush

Prep your plate with rubbing alcohol and allow it to dry.




I just happen to have some of Martha Stewarts craft supplies on hand. I bought them way before she bashed us bloggers, not that it really bothered me all that much, so silly.

Anyway, the  sticker stencils are perfect for glass  projects because they stick perfectly and stay in place.  I simply placed the stickers on the plate and used a small craft brush to apply the paint.  You could also very easily create your own stencil and tape it onto the plate.

Keep going around the rim of the plate until you are happy with the results.  I then added one snowflake in the middle.

I wiped the stencil off with a damp paper towel in between each application.

After my paint was dry, I baked the plates in the oven to heat set the paint as directed on the packaging.  These were super easy to make fun and inexpensive.  These would make a perfect hostess gift for the holidays!

A great big thank you to Shauna from Satori Design for Living for inviting me to this fabulous party.  Make sure you check out  all the other projects.

Snowflake Painted Glass Canisters DIY using glass paint

Be sure to come back next Wednesday to find out what the second craft supply was on our One Item Project Challenge and check out all our creations!

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DIY painted and embellished glass ornament

Hi Friends, I know it is only the first week of November but I couldn’t resist posting my first Christmas craft. I know that for some, it might be a little too early but since the dollar store had these awesome tree’s and fake snow I thought I should give you a heads up, before they sell out, think of it as a favor. (wink wink)

I found some clear glass ornaments at a Grocery Store out of all places for $2 for a four pack, what a bargain.  I swirled craft paint on the inside of the glass ornaments to color them from the inside.  Twist until the paint completely covers the inside. You might have to add a little bit more to cover the whole ornament. I poured the excess out back into the paint tube.

Use an enamel based paint or multi surface paint like the line from Martha Stewart for best results.  For my pink ornament I used acrylic paint and it didn’t cover as well.

The following day I decided to embelish them with a variety of beads and bling from Whole Port.  I simply used hot glue and placed them on the glass bulb.

IMG_8297 Collages

IMG_8307 IMG_8311

Have you started on any decorating for Christmas?

Coffee Filter Christmas Tree

~Hi Friends~

I know I know, it isn’t even Thanksgiving and I’m talking about Christmas.  Sorry, I’m just excited about Christmas, what can I say!  I ran across the Styrofoam cones the other day and threw them in my cart.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them and just like that, an idea came to mind.


Coffee filters

glue of your choice


Styrofoam cone

 I’m thinking I could have skipped the whole store bought cone and made one out of cardboard for free which would bring my cost to $1.00 for the filters!

 I scrunched the filters together

Cut about half way up  (if you had a big cone or smaller coffee filters you wouldn’t have to cut)

Place some glue on the bottom of the filter and place it on the cone. I just kept repeating this and going around the cone, working my way up to the top.  If you have holes, fill them, you really can’t make a mistake with this project.

Little helpers with dirty fingernails are a plus!

I then took some scissors and gave the tree a haircut going a little shorter on the top. I finished it off with a sprinkle of glitter.

So easy and pretty, start to finish took about and hour.

Can’t wait to see your creations!