Make Your Own Detox Water And My Love For Spurtles

I know what you are thinking, detox water and a Spurtles, what do the two have in common and what is a Spurtle!  Recently, I was introduced to this amazing product which you can use to stir, scrape, spread, smash and so much more, I was instantly hooked thanks to Hearth and Home Goods!  Whether I’m baking or cooking, I find myself reaching for this Scottish kitchen tool which has taken the place of my cheap wooden spoons. So what does that have to do with detox water?  When I was making a batch of water last week the Spurtle came in handy when stirring so I thought why not share 2 of my new favorite things with you today!

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Greek Lemon Chicken Kabobs

I have a great recipe for Greek lemon chicken kabobs I hope you will love! Back in the day when Ray and I used to work together, at an actual office, which seems so strange and so LONGGG ago we loved grabbing lunch at a Greek restaurant just around the corner.   We no longer work at the office and I have to say I don’t miss the 2 hours wasted in traffic but I did miss our greek meals.   So I have re-created some of my favorite Greek chicken dishes over the years.  I’ll start today with the lemon chicken kabobs!

Delicious Greek Chicken Kabobs

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