Tips On Creating A Cozy Space

Hi friends, thanks for being here, today I’m giving you a few tips on ways you can create a cozy space in your home.  With cooler weather and the sun setting earlier, I’m ready to curl up on a blanket with some hot tea and enjoy some cozy time with the family!  Make sure to see how the other DIY Housewives cozy up their own homes, all the links are at the end of the post.

Great ideas to get your house cozy for fall and winter

Here are a few easy ideas to make your space a little more homey and special, adding just a few simple elements makes any room feel cozy and happy.

Invite Nature Inside

I love to bring in greenery and fresh flowers, it brightens up the space and makes the space feel extremely welcoming.


Candles instantly cozy up any space, using a variety of candles brings a romantic ambiance in your home.  I  only recommend using the fake candles and today, you can barely tell the difference.

Blankets & Pillows

You can throw cuddly blankets and pillows on your chairs or sofa to make it more inviting and comfortable and encourage relaxation, who knows, you may even have a dog takeover.

Soft Rugs

A large soft rug anchors the room and is a great way to add comfort and warmth.


Mirrors can create beautiful reflections and help the light bounce around the room, opening up a space that may feel cramped.

 I’m hoping these ideas will make your home feel cozy, comfortable, and inviting; a welcoming spot for your friends and family.  Stop by the rest of the DIY Housewives and see how they cozy up to their own homes.

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