Bookshelf styling

Since I finished the bookshelves I have been getting lots of questions on how to style them.
I thought it would be fun to share some tips as well as a few more of my favorite photos.
  If you missed my first set of inspirational photo’s you can find them here.
Creating Vignettes
Showcase items that have meaning to you
Incorporate art, mirrors, and family pictures
Give your books breathing room
Create height by stacking items
Layer items
Incorporate shelf lighting like the first picture or add a table lamp.
Group items by theme, color, shape, texture, or material
Big items can be displayed by themselves, plus think of all the time on dusting you will save
Don’t forget function.
Emily Henderson
 Speaking of bookshelves, I will show you the completed loft next week.
~Have a fabulous weekend~

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  1. Gorgeous images Kristin! I am in love with that first one!! Can't wait to see yours complete!

  2. I love those pics and the first is my favorite too! I have helped lots of friends style their bookcases and it ALWAYS makes such a difference! I like to add some controlled color too as in the first pic…either with objects or with covering the books as they did….great post! Thanks!

  3. I can't wait to see your finished loft area! I love pretty bookshelves and can never seem to achieve the same polished look I see in magazines. Great inspiration photos!

  4. One of my lifelong dreams has been to have white built-ins to showcase my… everything. And these images just brings that dream back up to the top of my list. I REALLY need to get on that! Love this post. Thanks for sharing and have a smashing Saturday.

  5. I love white built in bookshelves! Had them in our last home, it was fun to decorate them! Love your tips, thank you!


  6. Kristin perfect examples of gorgeous bookshelves. I of course love incorporating works of art into the shelved!

    Art by Karena

  7. I have white bookshelves in my living room that always seem to be a "work in progress"! Thanks for the beautiful photos for inspiration…excuse me while I go "tweak" a few things!

  8. Great tips and photo inspiration! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog yesterday! Made my day. 🙂
    xo -Lisa

  9. Even though I've pretty much left our home office alone as my hubby's territory, Kristin, most of the books in there are mine. I've been thinking this past week {when I was looking for something and couldn't find it} that I need to fix it up better. I've also got some trade books and binders that can come off that can be gotten rid of. That will help clear it up better, too.

  10. I love styling bookshelves – just finished helping someone who's putting their house on the market.

  11. UGH I wish you lived next door so you could come style my shelves!! I featured your bookcase/desk makeover on Friday 🙂

  12. My brother is in the architecture and design program at SCAD and he taught me bookshelf styling. I love the look of leaning books, clocks and personal touches on bookshelves.

    It looks so much better than simply lining books up 'single file' on a shelf.

    The photos you've posted are making me want to rearrange my shelves!


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