Tips For Decorating Your Outdoor Living Space With Artificial Plants

Decorating your outdoor living space or front porch with artificial plants can add a touch of greenery and beauty without the maintenance required for real plants, no green thumb is needed. 

We are going through somewhat of a heatwave here in San Diego and some of my live plants are taking a beating.  So I thought it would be fun to show you that you can transform your outdoor space and add a pop of color by using outdoor artificial plants that look like real plants!

Faux outdoor plants have come a long way, get grandma’s plastic plants out of your head! Today I’m going to share where you can purchase some of the best fake plants that look like the real deal and share some tips to make the most of artificial plants in your outdoor space!  Sophie was excited when the new plants arrived!

Choose high-quality artificial plants for outdoor use that look like the real thing:

Invest in good-quality artificial plants that look realistic and have UV protection. High-quality artificial plants will withstand outdoor conditions and retain their vibrant colors for a longer time.

My Favorite Outdoor Plants At a Reasonable Price With High-quality Materials are from Nearly Natural. You can read all of the reviews from people that have purchased and look at all the beautiful pictures that people have uploaded! 

I took a side by side of the plants I purchased with my real plants in the yard, pretty amazing right!


Can you tell which flower is real and which is faux?

Consider different plant types:
Mix and match different types of artificial plants to create a diverse and visually appealing outdoor space. Combine tall trees, smaller shrubs, flowering plants, and hanging vines to mimic the natural look of a garden. 

Incorporate hanging plants:
Hang artificial plants from pergolas, trellises, or beams to add depth and a vertical dimension to your outdoor living area. I decided on 2 of the Bougainvillea Hanging Basket Silk Plants to hang from our patio cover.  Since we have other bougainvillea plants I thought it would be a great addition.  

I absolutely loved the color of the basket but when I hung it next to the chandelier I decided to lighten it up just a little bit so everything would be cohesive. Tutorial here.

I also went with the Geraniums, I”ve always had a love for them, as did my mom.  I like that you can easily take the picks and place them anywhere you would like throughout the garden and they have strong colorfast pigments.

Use planters and pots creatively:

Opt for attractive and sturdy planters or pots that complement your outdoor decor. You can use different sizes, shapes, and materials to create a visually interesting arrangement.  I love the baskets that the hanging plants came in, the dark basket is so rich and beautiful.  Once I hung it with the rest of my decor I decided to lighten them up just a little bit to go with everything else. 

Arrange plants strategically:

Position your artificial plants strategically to create focal points and guide the eye around the space. Place taller plants at the back or corners and smaller ones in the front or along pathways.

Mix in real elements in your outside space:

Consider adding a few real plants alongside artificial ones for a more dynamic and authentic look. This can also help in providing some natural fragrance and attract real wildlife like butterflies and birds.

Add lighting:

Illuminate your artificial plants with outdoor lighting to create a magical atmosphere during the evenings. I love the way our string lights, spotlights, and my DIY outdoor basket light (tutorial coming soon) really illuminate the hanging plants.

Regularly clean your artificial plants:

Other than a little Dust which can accumulate on artificial plants over time they are essentially maintenance-free! Simply clean them periodically to maintain their appearance. Use a gentle cleaning solution and a soft cloth or brush to remove any dirt.  

Store them during harsh weather:

While high-quality artificial plants can endure various weather conditions, it’s a good idea to store them indoors or an outdoor shed during severe storms, heavy rains, or harsh winters to extend their lifespan. 


By following these tips, you can create a beautiful and inviting outdoor living space that stays lush and green year-round using artificial outdoor plants, added bonus, they are all pet friendly!


Make sure to stop by Nearly Natural to see the best selection of artificial trees, plants, and flowers!  I love their palm trees, cedar trees, and fiddle leaf figs as well! 

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  1. Your backyard is so pretty, those flowers look like the real thing, especially up close to the real flowers, I’m going to go check them out, thank you for sharing.

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