Laundry Made Easy, A Helpful Guide 

 Laundry is on my mind everyday since it never ends, however I don’t mind so much anymore now that the laundry room remodel is complete! I have been working on a post to show you all the fun DIY ideas but until then, here is a helpful guide on when to wash pretty much everything!
Laundry Made Easy, A Helpful Guide 

Laundry might not be your favorite household chore, but you anyway have to do it and there is no escape from it. Also, most of us must have learned to do laundry from our parents when we were young,  times have changed since. There are newer technologies today, there are a variety of fabrics that are different from what was available two decades ago. Another important thing to consider is that different fabrics need different kinds of attention, not all fabrics are the same.
Let’s face it, there are many details that most of us are unaware of about doing laundry. Due to this unawareness, we end up ruining our clothes or shrinking them, I’ve been known to shrink a few of Ray’s sweaters. The different types of clothes that a house consist of are curtains, rugs, bed sheets, quilts, towels, table clothes, the clothes that we wear, etc. If you have been washing your curtains every month and wondering how fast their color fades, they don’t need to be washed that often. Curtains only need to be washed once every six months. By knowing how often you must wash your different clothes, you will be saving yourself a lot of work and time, saving electricity, water, as well as saving on detergent.
To make it easy, take a look at this graphic from Love2Laundry which will help you understand how often items need to be washed.  It also entails some important and useful tips to maintain the particular piece of clothing. It will come in handy for you and when in doubt you can refer it. Hope this simple and easy graphic will help you ease your laundry woes and hopefully extend the shelf life of your clothes.


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