Incorporating art

About a week ago I had posted ideas
on how to hide a flat screen.  (post here)
I decided in order to take the focus off of the flat screen I must draw attention to something else.

Although the TV is still visible I am hoping the art will
detract from the large black rectangle!

~One of my inspiration photos~
flat screen solution via colour me happy Decorating Around the Television
Color me happy

I found the prints at Cost Plus World Market. They were 50% off and I had a 15&% coupon which brought my cost to $4 a print with mat.

Aaron Brothers was having their 1 cent sale so I bought 4 of these frames for$26.

I placed plain white paper in the exact dimension of the frame on the wall to get a visual affect.


Then began to hang the art.  My girlfriend, Irene, suggested I bring the plant from the hallway in to soften the space, huge improvement!

We are talking about possibly adding shadow boxes or
 board n batten to the wall as well. 

I am just happy that the space is ALMOST done.
~Thanks for stopping in~

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  1. Great job Kristen! I do the same with my flat screen…it sits on top of the fireplace. So I hang pictures and typeset drawer aroung it to draw attention away from the big black box. lol

    Beautiful prints…love them!

    Lucky 7 Design

  2. Was it you that posted the sliding barn style flat screen cover? I can't remember, but I found it here then I googled sliding flat screen covers and there are some very interesting ones. I have the same problem with mine. Check out the one at the link, it might inspire you to go a different route.


  3. Beautiful prints! I wish CostPlus was closer to me. I love that store!

    Looking forward to seeing the finished room.

  4. Love the prints, Kristin! Fun colors – perfect in that space with your blue in the bookcase, and I love how the coral pops.

  5. Looks wonderful Kristin. I have a very similiar space like yours in my bedroom and deciding how to arrange wall art over the Tv is frustrating. Thanks for sharing.


  6. They are sweet prints! I think they look great there, and, the plant does soften the space considerably, without overwhelming it. Great balance!

  7. Looks great, Kristin! What's the saying … "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em," so, I like that you made the TV a part of the wall grouping! My eye goes straight up to the fabulous bird prints … LOVE those! It's all coming together beautifully!

  8. Looking good, Kristin! It is a battle between style and function, isn't it? I like how it virtually disappears even when it is right out in the open. xo Diana

  9. Looking good! I like the addition of the tree as well. Nice score on the World Market sale.

  10. Love the new prints! I like the addition of the tree as well – it really softens that corner. Thanks for sharing.

  11. The prints look so good and the price of the frames can't be beat!! We've come a long way from when the TV cabinet was the #1 focus in the room!!

  12. I think if u decide to add more art maybe it'll look more like your inspiration. Also if the art has black in it I think it'll blend too. I definetly like plant there too : ) have a wonderful night!

  13. It looks really nice, Kristin! I have a soft spot for birds so I love the bird prints. Very pretty and what a great deal you got! I think the plant is perfect…softens the corner and adds a nice touch of height.

  14. Those do a great job of softening the space. I like the addition of the tree in the corner, too.
    Your space is looking great!

  15. I love affordable art, but most of all, I love affordable interior design projects. This was a great way to make the space look more attractive. I haven't got a wall TV, but have been planning how to hang one for ages. This is a great idea.

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