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How To Create a Succulent Birdbath Planter

Hi Friends, I have a fun project for you today, I’m sharing how I created a succulent planter out of a bird bath.  I know I could have planted all sorts of pretty flowers but I wanted something that would last through the fall and winter so I went with some hardy succulents.  I found this bird bath last summer at a garage sale and it’s been sitting empty in our backyard up until now.  This month, each member of our thrift store team created a planter out of a recylced a object. I can’t wat to see what they all came up with!


Here is the before, this thing is heavy, thank goodness the top comes off  from the stand!


Variety of succulent plants ( I take clippings from our yard)
Bird bath
Good well draining potting soil, I use Cactus soil
Pebble rocks if you don’t have drainage
Rocks for decoration


Step 1:

 Instead of drilling holes for draining, (which you can) I added a layer of pebbles to help keep the water from the roots of the succulents.  If you have plenty of drainage skip to step #2

Step 2:

Fill bird bath 3/4 way with Cactus Palm Soil I added a mound in the middle to create some height.

Step 3:

Place small holes into the soil and add each succulent, arrange your plants, leaving space for growth.  I planted taller plants in the middle for some height, flatter succulents along the sides and any succulents that trail, I planted on the edges so they can spill over.

Step 4:

Fill remaining space with any extra soil that may be needed, add pebbles and decorative rocks in the empy spots

Step 5:

Water the succulents and repeat weekly, don’t over water

This was really a fun project for me and it gave this little empty corner in our yard a beautiful focal point. If you have an old birdbath that’s had its day, give it new life as a succulent garden.

  Let’s see what everyone else made out of their thrifty finds!


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Thank you so much for stopping in today!

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  1. Kristin,

    I love your bird bath planter. The small pebbles added at the end, really make a difference! I’ll have to remember that for the next succulent planter I do!


  2. May I ask. What do you do to Protect it during the winter months. I have a Bird Bath. A friend post this on FB. I Love it.

    1. Hi-
      I don’t really have to do much during the winter because we are in San Diego and our winters are really mild. If you are unable to bring your succulents inside during the winter months, I would purchase hardy succulents, if you can bring them in during the harsh winter you can plant tender succulents. I hope this helps, me know if you end up making one of these. Hopefully this article will help you out.


  3. Lovely combination, I just did this same thing with an old bird bath that wasn’t repairable. I am in zone 6 and so this winter I will take the top off and store it inside my unheated garage along with my potted hostas. I hope it will survive and I think it will because the succulents in my garden at present come back each year. I added a small hosta in the middle of the bowl. You can do a lot with an old bird bath and a little creativity 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for sharing!! I would love to see a picture 🙂 Succulents are so easy I’m sure they will last in your garage during the winter months with a little water. Wishing you a great weekend!

  4. I love this! I am going to try it in a resin birdbath that my neighbor gave me before she passed. I was concerned with drainage as I didn’t want to drill holes in it. Thank you for the instructions!

  5. Such a great idea! I have two large aloes that now have to be planted in the ground. And I have a fountain that is plug in. I haven’t done anything with the fountain because I don’t have an electrical connection for it outside. So I’m going to plant the two aloes and between them put the fountain and add small succulents to it. I love the trailing succulents which I will purchase to add to the fountain. Love the bird bath you used. It will dress up a dull area in my yard. Thank you, so much for sharing!

    1. HI Brenda, thank you for stopping by and sharing your plans for the bird bath. I bet it is going to be beautiful! Have a wonderful week ahead!

        1. Hi Cindy-
          California had very heavy rain this winter and they did great, as long as the succulents have already rooted you should be fine. If you live in weather where it freezes, you might need to bring it indoors. 🙂

  6. Really a beautiful display of the succulents and great reuse of the birdbath! Definitely going to give it a try, however with the weather here I might eventually have to use fake ones, hate to have to do that but at least I can’t kill those… thanks for sharing ❣️

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