Fun stuff happening around here

     We have been getting busy in the master bedroom.
(No, not that kind of busy, get your mind out of the gutter).

The hubby found mosaic glass tile, a whole case at Costco for $30, last month it was on sale for $22!  So we are going to remove the existing backsplash and replace it with this beauty, how could we not for that price!

Next up is the floor in the bedroom.  We have always wanted wood floor but thought it would be years down the road. Then Bailey (our dog) was diagnosed with diabetes a few months back.  There were a few days where she could not hold her bladder and she completely destroyed our carpet. As much as we cleaned and steamed the stains came back and let’s face it; urine, carpet, kids rolling on floor, GROSS!  The carpet is over 10 years old so I guess it is time.

This was delivered, hopefully in a few weeks we will  have new gorgeous flooring.


 Who wants to help us move this beast of a bed, I’m a pretty good cook and I serve good wine????


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  1. All this is going to look so good. You actually have the carpet that I kind of want to replace the shag in our bedroom. I am sure you know this, but the boxes of hardwood need to sit inside the house for a couple of weeks before it is installed to acclimate to the temps inside.

  2. Oh, I thought you asked, “Who wants to help us move this beast out of the bed” – then I’d have said yes because your dog looks just adorable, I could have handled that. But manual labor like moving furniture, or ripping out the carpet – no thanks! 😉
    I wish you good luck and lots of patience for the project – it will be just fabulous! xo Anja

  3. Love the tile. And, you will love the hardwood floors. We spent about 6 months or so (took our time, room by room) and installed them throughout our entire upstairs. I absolutely love them.

  4. You had me at wine. ;o) And food.
    The tile is gorgeous and that wood flooring is gonna make such a big difference. Can’t wait to see it installed – although I don’t envy the work. I’ve done it – 8 months pregnant. Not fun.

  5. OK, I am on my way to help. I wish I could! Yes, an exciting change indeed! The hardwood will be beautiful Kristin. Bailey looks like a sweeheart.

  6. I love the backsplash and am excited to see it when you’re done!
    I’m sorry Bailey has been sick. I bet the new flooring in there will look fabulous! And be so much easier to clean!

    I love the picture of your bed. Priceless. 🙂

    Have a great day.

  7. what a beautiful beautiful bed, wish I had one of those sleeping on mine, I hope Bailey feels better soon, what an exciting project you have on the go.
    I came here to thank you for the kind words on my blog today , via Nan Diana, you have a beautiful blog, thank you so much, I will enjoy following your blog, have to see the finished project,

  8. LOVE the new tile … hubby “did good!” And, I can’t wait to see your new, fabulous flooring! I’m not good at moving heavy furniture, but I’m *really* good at drinking wine … may I just come and watch ?! LOL

  9. Kristin ~ You have done it again!!! Great find by your fabulous Hubby – that tile is going to look so great! And the hardwood floors, oh yes! You are going to be so happy when they are done. That is a project I will tackle in future too, and since I have no hubby, I’ll be hiring a local moving company to disassemble my bed and move all my furniture out of the room. Once the floors are done, I’ll have to hire them to move everything back in. It will be worth it though. Good luck on everything, it’s going to look beautiful and we all cannot wait to see the results!

  10. you are so funny!
    maybe you and I could swap .. I help you
    you help me?
    wish we could
    I love the tile. That will look so fresh and clean.
    It is so much work to remodel but so worth it in the end.
    Just can’t wait to finish something….

  11. How exciting! I want those floors in our bedroom too. I am so sick of carpet. Great glass tiles too. You must be excited! Can’t wait to see it all done.

  12. I am looking for the Golden Select mosaic tile used on your project. Please let me know if you have any left over tiles available. Many many thanks in advance.


    1. Hi John, I’m sorry we don’t have any leftover, we purchased at Costco, you could check if they still have some in stock.

      1. Thanks for your speedy response. I’ll keep looking. Finding a discontinued tile is very difficult task if it’s not available from eBay. Thank you!

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