Closet Score

Trying to stay organized drives me a little crazy.  Between  laundry, bills, paperwork, homework, mail blah blah blah, I get so overwhelmed.  Having a place for everything definitely helps.

 Look what the
 hubs brought home about a month ago from a garage sale.

4 of these babies for $80, total. 
He just had to un-install and install.

We put one in the kids closet.
 It has 3 shelves, 4 drawers and a wire basket, perfect!


Two of the drawers are lined with velvet, look what I found hiding.

(sorry, blurry picture)


I don’t bother folding PJ’s anymore, waste of my time.


Ray put one in his closet……do you see what I see?


Once a boy always a boy, I am not even going to ask.


The next one will go in my craft closet and the last in the guestroom closet.

I went online to a unspecified store to find out what it would cost just for one of these organizers.
They can’t be serious, $500?

Remember my closet organizer the hubs found for $50?

It definitely pays off to to be patient!

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Have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. WOW! What a great find. Three of the closets in this house had California closet inserts in them when we moved in. They are amazing…but SOOO expensive. Yours are great and WHAT a bargain. xo Diana

  2. WOW – what a shopper you have in him! AWESOME! Have a great St. Patty's Day and weekend – Jalon

  3. Wow, he has great luck finding organizational type things, doesn't he, Kristin! The one you are showing in your son's closet looks like part of the system we have in our closet in our new place. The previous owner must have had a company come in and do it. There are drawers and shelves galore and six months later I'm still trying to figure out the best way to use this closet!

  4. What a great hubby you have! Sweet deal, and you need all of the organization you can get with boys, right?

  5. Kristin, you would not believe how envious of you I am right now! I want one of those so bad! Your husband, and you, ofcourse, really scored.

  6. Your husband is GOOD! An amazing deal, and great organizer. It offers a good combination of storage tools.

  7. I need your hubby to find me one. I still have a garment rack in the closet I built in my bedroom! ~ Maureen

  8. What a wonderful and affordable find! Cool that hubby could make them work in your home too. Gotta love good organization!

  9. I'm so impressed that your husband goes to garage sales. Mine has been to one in his life, and he bought a brief case. You are lucky!!!

  10. Ok, the next organizer he finds is mine 😉 just kidding! I am showing this post to Barry in the morning! He needs to step it up!

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