Have you been saving those glass jars?

My corner of the mudroom is all finished.

I enjoy seeing my supplies so I chose to display everything in recycled glass bottles.
 I’ve talked about this in a previous post.
They make some of the best containers to display little treasures, the best part,
they are free!

Since California can sometimes be on the rocky side, I attached Velcro on each bottle so we don’t have any accidents.

 The shelves were being stored in a closet, I used to have them displayed in the nursery.  I’m so glad I hung onto them!

The frame I repainted and the blue form I purchased at Marshall’s for $6.00
I’ll be sharing more of the corner this week with you and how I pulled it off for $30.00.
So much talent has been linked up!
 Every week I have such a hard time picking just a few to highlight, this week was no exception.

Buckets of Burlap fabulous nesting boxes, look close to see what they really are!

Emerald Cove’s master bedroom transformation with her own faux fireplace!

Rosebud and Bluebells window valance, so pretty!

Lilies for Kate cleaned up this beautiful vintage daybed

At the Picket Fence made this beautiful guardrail cover

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Drop Cloth Curtains

You most likely thought I was never going to show you the curtains hung…..
Truth be told I couldn’t stop adding more ruffles, they are addicting.
I know some of you were bit worried and thought about a ruffle  intervention, I’m OK…
really, I am.
l just I needed a wee bit help hanging the 10 foot pole,
the hubby is a busy man!

Now you know where I hung the silhouettes.

I want you to know these drapes are so imperfect but you know what?
They make me happy! 
I sewed on ruffles wherever my heart desired
and enjoyed every minute of it!
Here is the before….oopps never painted over the old blue in that corner.

Yes, someday I dream of something like this from Restoration Hardware.

Salvaged Wood Vintner's Hutch & Sideboard
No, silly not for the wine storage, although that would be nice.
All these little niches could be filled with crafting supplies!
Tutorial on easy sew ruffles

A Sparkly Valentines

Happy Valentines Day!
What could be more romantic then sparkly glass crystals hanging from the ceiling?
That’s right, the chandelier is up and I’m in serious
My beautiful friend gave me her late mothers antique chandelier about a year ago.
I honestly thought it would be too big for the mudroom but decided to clean it all up and give it a try.
The minute it went up I knew it was a perfect for the space. I could feel her mom looking down at me with a great big smile.
There are a few glass parts that are missing that are on order and a few more bulbs that need to be purchased but I couldn’t hold off showing you for another minute.
I’ll be sharing more of my little craft corner later 
 this week.
Wishing you lots of love
and a great big hug on this special day!

Grandma is going to kill me!

I painted my Grandma’s sewing machine cabinet, shhhh.I’m afraid when Grandma sets her eyes on the machine she is going to kill me for changing the color. 

Maybe I’ll just be visiting her instead of inviting her over.Here is a little tutorial if you are interested.
Sanded the whole piece with medium grit sandpaper.

I then primed it using a oil based primer.  There were lots of little grooves so I used
spray paint.
Next I took the sanding sponge and lightly buffed making the surface smooth.
I then used a foam roller and painted on two coats, allowing 24 hours drying time in between each coat.
I used Sherwin Williams Summer White.  (same as kitchen cabinets)
Go to fullsize image
I then finished it with a stain using a dry brush and
lightly brushing over the entire piece.

Wiped most of it off with a damp towel

Stopped when I achieved my desired look.

Lined the drawers

Tried to make a sewing machine cover with leftover fabric
(Keyword tried)

Added some acces

and kept the original hardware

I’m much happier with the the finished look.
Although not perfect, it’s good enough for me.

So I think I’ve given away what this secret corner is going to be…..
My Craft Space!

I can’t wait to add the finishing touches and show you!

Thanks for stopping in!