5 Desserts In A Mason Jar

Today I have 5 delicious Desserts you can serve up in a mason jar!  A big thanks to everyone who linked up to Inspire Me Monday, I was having some technical issues and during a server switch a few posts went missing including Monday’s.  No worries though, you are still seen on all the other ladies blogs, phew!

5 Desserts in a Mason Jar

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Jalapeno Cream Sauce

Years ago I was sitting in Miguel’s mexican restaurant in Coronado eating this cheesy concoction like nothing I had ever had.  I was determined to make it at home and bought the cookbook, these were the days before the internet.  I have made this Jalapeño cream sauce a number of times, you can serve it as a dip or use it as a sauce and no, there is nothing healthy about it but yes, it is that good!

The Best Creamy Jalapeño Dip Recipe

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