Delicious Mud Pie Recipe & Taking a Time Out

Today’s post is a little bit off topic. I’m taking an opportunity to slow things down, even for just a moment while I sit and enjoy a slice of mud pie in my own time out.  It’s funny, people looking in from the outside might think I am just a busy mom of three, but truth is, I wear many hats.  First and most important, mom and wife, which in itself is about 20 jobs: Chef, Housecleaner, Nurse, Teacher, Chauffeur, Dishwasher, Psychologist, you get my drift, right?  In addition, I work for an attorney from home, take care of all my mom’s personal finances and work on this little blog which could be full time if I so desired and actually had the time.  I’ll admit, it is hard not to have the guilty mom complex when I have a little downtime. However, we all just need a moment to ourselves; we spend so much time taking care of other people that we sometime forget about focusing on ourselves. Tea and cookies

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Delicious BBQ Turkey Burgers

Fire up the grill for some delicious BBQ Turkey Burgers, these burgers are super moist and tasty,  a great alternative to high-fat beef patties.   I haven’t cooked with beef in over 15 years and even my husband who is a meat lover doesn’t miss it.  As long as the flavor is there why not try to eat as healthy as possible and trust me, these do not lack any flavor whats so ever!

Healthy and Delicious Grilled Turkey burger

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