$8 Knockoff

 I’m sure you have seen these awesome antique keys floating around the web. Restoration Hardware sells their version for just $199.00 GASP!


 ~Here is my $8 version~

Old Picture



Pulled picture out and kept frame



Added burlap  to the back and used a combo of tacky glue and a piece of black thread to keep the key from slipping.



The $8 was the cost of the key.  Hope your enjoying your weekend friends, it’s cold and wet here in San Diego.


Headboard transformation with paint

Today I’m going to show you how to completely transform the look of a headboard with paint.

Remember how I said our old bed just wasn’t fitting the style of the new room?

I was ready to work some magic until my husband came home with this!

He was up in Los Angeles last week and picked this gorgeous piece up for…you ready for this? $25 dollars!!! The lines are going to fit perfectly into the french inspired room! I told you I would pour my heart and soul into finishing that room.

I gave it a coat of primer and used the primer spray paint in the hard to reach detailed areas

Painted it with my favorite Summer White

I distressed the piece with course sandpaper

Isn’t she pretty!




Oh, and we sold my old bed for $50 on craigslist, I call that a great trade!

Enjoy your day friends!


A Difficult Post

Over the weekend my Grandfather passed, he was 101 years old. An amazing man with a heart of gold! His story is what inspires my husband and I to do what we do, someday I’ll share.



I’ll be posting sporadically during the week, who knows, maybe I’ll pour my heart and soul into getting the guestroom done. Thanks for your patience during this difficult time!



How to refurbish an old desk

I’ll get right too it, my before and after! I have all the step by steps below if your interested. It was a huge job! Huge, I hadn’t anticipated all the work but it all paid off! I know it’s a mistake to paint over a antique piece as it will bring the value down but in this case it had been painted over so many times (blue, green, yellow, white, to name a few) That I had no choice.


Remember the before



 The little details:

Paint on a thick layer of stripper. Wear gloves and goggles. Only apply to small areas at a time. This will allow you to remove all of the paint before the chemical stripper dries.

 Scrape the bubbled paint and stripper off in strips. I had to repeat this step because it had several layers of stubborn paint.

 Sand, yes I had to sand as well, still lots of paint left.

If you have numerous large holes in the desk, use a wood-filler to plug them up. You don’t necessarily need to fill every single one, I kept the smaller holes to add to the character of the desk.

Wipe down the piece of furniture with clean rags and mineral spirits, allow to dry. The Mineral spirits allows the piece to be as clean as possible.

 Prime-I used Kiltz oil based primer

  Lightly buff, checking for any drips

 Don’t worry, I kept those great wooden wheels! I just sanded them very lightly for a smooth finish

The fun part! Paint! I used the same color as the walls, Chelsea by the sea, ace paints but I added a ton of black to give it more of a gray tint. Let dry 24 hours and give it another coat.

I distressed the edges with a light sand and added a bit of glaze to darken



I found some leftover scrapbooking paper and linned each drawer



Lots of work but worth it, have a wonderful day!

How to install double stacked crown molding

There is something about crown molding, it adds such an elegance to a room. If you hire out it can get pricey, you can save so much money by installing it yourself. I can’t take much credit for installing the crown in the guestroom/office, I left the task up to my hubby, I was just his sidekick.

He opted to use 2 different types of baseboards cutting them at a 45 degree angles. We used this method in the kitchen and my husband found the cuts to be so much simpler then the cuts you are forced to use with the crown. He’s able to butt the molding right into the corner versus making difficult cuts with crown.

Paint all your trim first

You know the rule; measure twice cut once

45 degree cuts

The tape serves as a marker so we know where the studs are in the wall. The nails serve as a guide when installing the molding to keep it straight and it helps hold the molding up.

Nail the board into the studs

In our case, we did this process all over again since we are stacking the molding

Use wood putty to fill all visible nail holes. We used caulk to cover any small gaps at the joints. Wait for the putty to dry and sand it smooth with fine sand paper. Paint over nail holes, you will be left with a seamless appearance!

If the molding must end in the middle of a wall, cap it with a return. In our case we have a vent so we added two returns. Cut the piece so that it comes to a point at the bottom edge. Avoid splitting the small piece by gluing the return in place rather than nailing it.




Boys Room


When I was pregnant with my third I had huge plans for the nursery if the little peanut was a girl. When we found out the wonderful news that we were having our third boy, I got to thinking, who says boys rooms can’t be luxurious with wonderful fabrics and textures!

When I was in the hospital my friend Katie surprised me with the clouds, aren’t they amazing! I love laying in bed at night reading books and staring at the ceiling! Once the crib was gone and the twin beds were brought in, she hand painted the airplanes with the banners. You  can see more of her work here.


My Mother-in-law made the bed skirts and pillow covers. The bedspreads are from Target.



The whole train theme was a little young for my then 5 year old so I gave his lamp a little transformation with a can of spray paint and a new shade from Target!




The window valance was a fun project.

 I made this before my blogging days so I don’t have a tutorial on it, sorry.






Thanks for stopping in!