Project Gallery Is Complete

Today I’m just a wee excited to share a page on the blog that has been in the works FOREVER….the Project Gallery!

If you recall last year around this time I had a huge issue with my server and lost a few weeks of work.  Normally it wouldn’t be too big of a deal but in this case it was.  I had just completed my project gallery which took me about oh….6 months to complete.
Poof Gone.
Little by little (and I mean little) I have been working on it AGAIN in my spare time and am so thrilled to say it is pretty much DONE!!! WOO HOO

This is an easy way for my readers to see all of my work in one place,sorted by category.  Wait,I should correct that, almost all of it, I still need to add a few more posts.

 I leave you with the Christmas category since I’m a wee excited for the upcoming holidays.  To see the rest of the gallery just click on “Project Gallery” at the top of my page, right below the header or simply click HERE.

~Thanks so much for stopping in and for being patient~


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  1. Your project gallery looks fantastic Kristin! How frustrating to have it just disappear like that. I can see you put in a tremendous amount of time and effort. Can you believe holidays are just around the corner!

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