How To Save Money At Target & $1000 Giveaway!

I love saving money, and I know you do too.  Are you ready to save a TON OF CASH the next time you shop at Target?

 Target has come out with a new app called Cartwheel.  There are more than 700 offers (coupons) in Cartwheel right at your fingertips. Cartwheel can be used on your desktop, tablet, mobile web or iPhone and Droid apps for in store purchases.  No more clipping coupons and chasing deals.

responsive cartwheel different devices

You simply sign in using your email or Facebook profile. Add offers to your Cartwheel from hundreds of available products. You can look for items using the search box for specific items or you can browse by category.

 iPhone Screenshot 1

Gather up all your offers and add it to “my Cartwheel”.  Grab a copy of the Target Cartwheel app on your Android or iOS device and head over to your nearest Target. While in Target you can add additional items by scanning any bar-code in the store to see if that item has a Cartwheel offer on it. When you are ready to checkout, simply display your bar-code to the team member and with one quick scan you’ll automatically save on all the offers on your Cartwheel.

iPhone Screenshot 2

 You are able to use any offer on their list as many times as you wish until the offer expires (with the following exceptions: limit of 4 items per offer, per transaction; limit of 6 Cartwheel scans per day). You can even stack Cartwheel on top of other savings. Meaning you can use your Cartwheel App with any other Target discounts or coupons, manufacturers’ coupons and their REDcard discount, now that is crazy savings!   If you sign in using Facebook,  Invite friends to join, or share deals with them,  you’ll save even more. Don’t worry, you are able to add any offer to your list and mark it as “private.”  This way Facebook will not post on your behalf during the authentication process. You can also manage this at any time via the app privacy settings.

You can even earn badges which is a fun way to earn more spots on your Cartwheel list! They are awarded for reaching savings milestones ($10, $25, $50, etc.), interacting with Cartwheel (example: adding an offer from a collection to your list), and via social sharing (an invited friend who joins Cartwheel). For each badge that is earned, a new spot on your Cartwheel list is opened.   There are A TON of offers so have fun browsing around and saving money!

Answer the following question and you could win a $1,000 Target GiftCard®: What is your favorite feature of the Target Cartwheel app?

Sweepstakes Rules:

No duplicate comments.

You may receive (2) total entries by selecting from the following entry methods:

  1. Leave a comment in response to the sweepstakes prompt on this post
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This giveaway is open to US Residents age 18 or older. Winners will be selected via random draw, and will be notified by e-mail. The notification email will come directly from BlogHer via the sweeps@blogher email address. You will have 72 hours to respond; otherwise a new winner will be selected.

The Official Rules are available here.

This sweepstakes runs from 1/30 – 2/28.

Be sure to visit the Target Cartwheel brand page on where you can read other bloggers’ posts!

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  1. I love that I am able to scan the barcodes in the store to see if there is a deal that I missed when looking through the app! It makes it so convenient!

  2. Wow! $1000 would go far. I would get some new bedding, pillows, storage tools, and still have $$$ left over! Oh I didn’t even think about electronics!

  3. I like that they have one day exclusive coupons. I used it a few weeks ago to get a C9 workout tank that I’d been wanting and they had a one day only 40% coupon on the app! I was super excited to be saving all that money!

  4. I have used Cartwheel for a while and love it! Even better – you can combine Cartwheel with other coupons. I once saved $17 on a shopping trip at Target with that perk!

  5. I LOVE the new feature that you can scan barcode a to see if there is an applicable offer!! Cartwheel is the best thing to happen to Target since – well – ever!

  6. I like that it alerts you to when items you like and buy are on sale. Also, you can receive more discounts with the app, saving even more money.

  7. I love this! Everything about it! What a great way to save money. I have a Super Target 1/2 mile from my house. I’m terrible at clipping coupons and then remembering to use them before they expire. I will use this often as I’m there multiple times a week.

  8. It really is easy to use. I like that I can find specific coupons related to a specific category; so if I’m standing in health & beauty, I can find what deals are available in that section.

  9. It’s a tie between being able to just scan something in the store and see if there’s an offer (for all those impulse grabs!) and being able to stack it with coupons and Redcard discounts!

  10. I like having coupons on my phone, which is always with me at the store, compared to coupons which I tend to forget at home!

  11. I have this app, plus use thier coupons and ad coupons as well AND their red card to save the additional 5%! I love to shop at Target and save, save, save on great products!!!

  12. That is such a great app Kristin! I would use that all the time – to have coupons all in one spot is great, and the fact that only the one barcode for each individual’s grouping of coupons has to be scanned is my favorite feature – so smart! Love this idea seeing as Target is my home away from home.

  13. I like that im allowed to combine target and manufacturer coupons – but its also on my phone, so if i forget my other coupons i can still save $

  14. I love the Cartwheel app and use it every time I go to Target. My favorite part is that it has deals for things that I’m already planning to buy every time. That’s like free money!

  15. The obvious answer is no longer having to print out paper coupons. Plus, then you’ll never leave them home, or not have them if you make an unexpected stop. Great idea

  16. I like the being able to scan products in the store to see if you can get any other deals via the app. sweepmorey at gmail dot com

  17. I also love the cartwheel-you will see me walking around the store seeing if the product I am buying is on cartwheel. I didnt know i could just scan the item also to see if a item is discounted. I always make sure I have a coupon also–more discounts!!

  18. I love how you get to choose which coupons you are going to use. This is so much more practical than the ones which print out at the register and are sometimes useless to me.

  19. I like that the Cartwheel mobile app has a barcode scanner so you can find deals without having to do it beforehand!

  20. I love that they actually show you which deals you can double up with a sale in store. How many stores tell you how to save money and spend less? I LOVE Target!

  21. Love the idea of no more paper coupons and their tiny print! Let’s face it, when you get to my age and have to start using ‘cheater readers’ (reading glasses), it’s a bear to try and see the expiration date on coupons!

  22. I love Target! Between Cartwheel, text coupons and printing coupons off I save a ton! So much better than going to Wal-mart.

  23. I love that I can get extra savings by just looking on my phone. I was already going to buy my items, why not save some extra money!

  24. Such a great app! I love that you can search by category and then just one scan instead of individual coupons being used! Awesome!!!!

  25. I love the cartwheel app! Its so nice to be able to scan a barcode to check for deals, instead of scrolling through so many!

  26. I think the best asset of Target’s Cartwheel App is the ease of use! Very convenient way to save money while shopping in one of the greatest retailers! Thank you Target and My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia!

  27. I love that you can layer it on other promotions. It seems like a great app that I will definitely be downloading.

  28. I am so excited to try this! Would be very nice to win the $1000.00 giveaway! Right now I have two rooms in my house that need finishing and no curtains on any of my windows! This would help me out soooooo much! Thanks for this opportunity!

  29. My favorite feature of Cartwheel is that you can stack coupons!!! That makes the app even more useful because you can take whatever you have coupons for and quickly add the Cartwheel coupons too! Love it! 🙂

  30. I just recently downloaded Cartwheel and I am so addicted. The other day the hubby went with me to target and checked out before I could pull up the app. I was so mad!

  31. Love the coupons on my mobile phone – so easy vs. having to clip them or google search for them when you are checking out. Thanks for the tip!

  32. I do love Cartwheel! I’d love to see “that time of the month for women items”… Right now the 15% Mars Valentine Exchange would be my favorite. Is it wrong that I love m and ms that much…? Thanks for a chance to win! kmassman gmail

  33. I like that you can stack the cartwheel offers with other offers. (even though I am not great about doing couponing, I like the idea of it!)

  34. My favorite feature is the browse button, and how easy it makes it to search for coupons on my favorite products!

  35. I like that you can scan items in the store to see if the is a deal on it and that you can still use Mfg & store coupons with it also.

  36. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! I LOVE Target for their cute and quality products and the opportunity to save in so many ways (Cartwheel, manufacturer coupons + Target coupons, gift card offers).

  37. I love that you can see which friends are using the app and how much they’re saving as well! It’s nice to know that Target allows their customers to save! 😀

  38. My favorite feature of the Cartwheel app is that you can scan the barcode and see if there is a deal on that item. Awesome idea!

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