Decorating a long hallway

Decorating a long hallway can be a bit tricky, by playing with scale and accessories you can easily transform an ackward space into a beautiful space.

I don’t believe I have ever shared this area with you you before.  Walking up the stairs, our hallway leads to the boys bedrooms and bathroom on the left, the loft on the right and our master at the end.   Having a long hallway with lots of tile on the second floor equals loud pitter patter from three little monkeys and two dogs. The area rug has really helped to buffer the sound.

Seriously, the dogs follow me around all day, they are like my shadow but I love it!

Decorating a long hallway

In order to draw attention to the end of the hallway, I used a large piece of furniture which brings the eye up.


Next, I used an area rug which is perfect for breaking up the space into smaller fragments. The runner gives the long hallway dimension, adds a pop of color and defines the space nicely.  The runner is from Medallion Rugs, gorgeous, high end quality with a ton of selection.

A gallery wall would be perfect for this space but since we have a gallery leading up the stairs I opted for one large picture.  It is  bold and can easily be seen, the two sconces on each side create balance.  A large glamorous mirror with two small mirrors on each side would also be a perfect accessory for a long corridor.

A vase with flowers always add a nice touch. Thank goodness for that half wall, perfect for hiding the piles of laundry and hundreds of books….shhhhhh


There are so many ways to decorate a long hall; chair rails, wallpaper, different paint colors and lighting will all help to define the space.  Eventually I would love to hang 3 lanterns to create drama and bring the eyes up.

It has been fun bringing this difficult space together.  Now that I’m all done I might just go lay with the dogs and take a nap.  Thanks for stopping in today!

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  1. So pretty. We too have a long hallway. I used it for several different galleries of photos of our girls. I seriously need to look into a runner. We have hardwood floors and it can be so loud, and I hate the echo!

  2. I love love love that big photograph… of your boys? So adorable. You’ve done such a great job with this hallway, the blue cabinet does draw the eye down to it.

  3. Your hallway is so pretty and that rug is ideal for that space. Love the big piece of furniture at the end. I remember when you painted that. So beautiful! And, that large photo is wonderful! Is that one of your sons? My dog follows me everywhere, too. I love it! Your pups are so sweet.

  4. We have a long hallway leading from our front door to our office/basement that you see as soon as you walk in the door. I might have to borrow this trick, now just need to find the perfect rug!

  5. You did a great job there. I like it with just the one big picture rather than a gallery wall…especially when you have to walk by those pictures daily and with kids tearing through there (yep- I remember those days) they are always a bit off kilter (the pictures-not the kids!;>)

    Love that rug-I bet it helps to deaden the sound. Have a great Thursday- xo Diana

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