The Wing Back Chair

I have truly fallen in love with the wing-back chairs, especially when used at the dining room table! Wing-back chairs were designed centuries ago yet are still very popular today. I could easily eat dinner very comfortably in any of these chairs that makes a huge statement.

Elle Decor

Style on a shoestring

How about you?  Would you consider a wing-back at your dining table?

I’ll be in and out for the next week, we are getting ready to head out to the lake.  I have some really fabulous bloggers lined up and a fabulous giveaway so you will be well taken care of!

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  1. You’re getting my wheels spinning again Kristin. We have a couple of chairs that we inherited with our current house, that aren’t quite wingback, but are similar in style. If we got them reupholstered, they would be great additions to our dining room… Adding another item to my To Do list…

  2. Of course I love the ones from ELLE. Since I’m not from the states, I don’t know the brands (or their prices) but the last chair from Cost Plus looks pretty awesome too, regardless of the price! I’d combine them with simple chairs, maybe a dark wood or even rustic ones?
    xo Anja

  3. I too…love wing backs.
    I scored a pair a couple of months ago down at work.
    They are in dire need of slip coverings of which I will be attempting sometime in the near future. Wish me luck.

    Have fun at the lake. We are going in a little less than two weeks. I am SO READY for a small break.


  4. Kristin, hope you’re having a fantastic time at the lake!!

    I love wingback chairs at the ends of a table too. Since we use our dining room for all our meals my kids would destroy them but maybe someday!

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