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Today I am pretty excited to share something so near and dear to my heart that still gets me teared up every time I think about it.   If you remember, last year in March we had one of the most horrific experiences of our lives happen to us.  Grayson, our youngest, had been sick for days, we had been in and out of the ER multiple times and wrongly diagnosed and sent home.

After receiving a call from a wonderful friend who saw my posts on FB  she told us to go back to children’s hospital, she was certain he had Kawasaki Disease, her son had been diagnosed the year before.  Kawasaki Disease

When we walked through the doors of the ER, Grayson’s fever was 107 and he was slowly slipping away from us. He was rushed back, met with specialists and given the correct diagnosis, this happened 9 days after he first became sick.  The thing is, there is a 10 day window in which you have to get treatment in order to save the child’s heart, we were one of the fortunate ones.

As frightening as this was, it was a relief to have a diagnosis’s and start his IVIG treatment. Grayson was touch and go and we were rushed to ICU were he stayed for 3 days. Once the second dose of IVIG, steroids and remicade infusions stabilized him we were moved out of ICU and watched as Grayson got better each and every day. 1 year later Grayson is healthy and happy with his coronary arteries back to normal size, he has not suffered from any aneurysms or heart attacks, he is extremely lucky, not everyone has this outcome.

You might ask where I am going with all of this?  I have been given an incredible opportunity to team up with Balsam Hill to raise money for the Kawasaki Disease Foundation.  Not only am I able to shine light on this frightening and horrible disease, but I get to help raise money so they can come up with a diagnostic test.  This test would help save little lives and give doctors a much faster and easier way of diagnosing Kawasaki Disease.  Sadly, if Kawasaki disease is not treated, it can lead to serious heart problems and death.

Balsam Hill is celebrating Christmas in July in a very special way!

For every $5 you donate you will be entered to win a beautiful set of Mistletoe and Holly Christmas ornaments.

Anyone who donates $25 will receive one exclusive ornament from the Mistletoe & Holly Collection!  This is a fabulous opportunity to give but also receive.

The best part, Balsam Hill is matching the amount I raise, up to $1,000!

balsam hill

All you have to do is Click Here to donate.  Whether you give $1, $5, or $25, every bit counts and you will be saving little hearts all over the world!

Thank you so very much, It really means the world to me. Thank you to my readers for being here for us through one of the hardest times of our lives, each and everyone one of you touched us like no other!


Kristin and Ray


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    1. Thank you so much Shelley, when they asked me to participate I couldn’t say yes fast enough. All of you were such a blessing in our lives last year at this time!! xo

  1. Kristin, I’m so glad your sweet boy is back to his little healthy self again – thank God! I remember those days of him the hospital so well and you are wonderful to raise awareness about this scary disease. My niece had it as well and thankfully she was treated early on and is fine. The more parents and health professionals that are aware of it’s symptoms the better. Good luck with the fundraising, and hope you’re enjoying the summer with your cuties!

  2. Hi Kristin!

    I am so touched by your love for your son and the support you received from your family and friends. It was really a godsend that your friend knew what was going on and I’m so glad to hear that your son is doing better.

    It’s great that you’re exposing this less known sickness so that people can be aware. I’m sure that this will be of great help to many people and will save more kids in the process.


  3. Kristin, I am so happy to read this. Please add this link to the top of your ‘Kawasaki’ link on your top menu. The story is open ended and … well, I feared the worst… so I search on your blog and found this VERY HAPPY ending to a scary story! So blessed you are!

    btw wholeport is no longer…

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