Cake Pop Recipe

This week the kids and I made some Cake pops for the first time.  They are the perfect size to just pop in your mouth and are fun and portable, perfect for any party occasion.


  • Box Cake, prepared
  •  Frosting or candy melts, I suggest the candy melts
  • Cake Pop Silicone Mold ~ I found mine through Whole Port
  • cake pop sticks
  • Sprinkles/decoration
Prepare the batter per instructions on the box.
Lightly grease the silicone molds and place the base (without holes) on a cookie sheet.
Poor batter into the the molds, don’t overfill.
Place the molds with holes on the top of the base and snap together.
Place the chookie sheet with the filled pops into the oven and bake at 350 for about 20 minutes.
Let cool about 20 minutes
Unsnap the top from the bottom and remove top and flip the molds over, the pops will “pop” out.

Place the pops in the refrigerator  for at least 3 hours or the freezer for about an hour.  Trust me you don’t want to skip this step, it makes it easier to decorate.

 To frost the pops, dunk them into the frosting/melted candy coating until the ball is fully covered in the coating.  Turn the cake lollipop right side up and carefully tap the excess candy coating off of the cake lollipop. This is where it was a little tricky for me so I started to drizzle the frosting on the pop.  A little more practice and it should be easier next time.  Place the cake lollipop stick into  Styrofoam to harden.


Decorate them however you wish
~Try not to eat them all at once~


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  1. Those are so darling Kristin! I have yet to try making cake pops but definitely love to eat them. Lol! Might have to finally try it!
    p.s. thanks for all your support the last couple of days sweet friend! I appreciate you!!

    1. They were fun to make, hard to decorate but I think I have it down.
      I can’t imagine….I was actually thinking about it today and something came to mind that Grayson’s cardiologist had told us, I’ll PM you

  2. Maybe my daughter should have had those cake pop molds. She made them once, had to mold the cake into little balls and everything. Needless to say, it was just too much so she never bothered again.

  3. These are cute and just the perfect size to get a little bite of something sweet. How cute the kids are all together there!

  4. Hi Kristen – wasn’t it so much fun making the cake pops? My daughter and I made a bunch last year for Christmas, put them in cute holiday mugs and gave them to friends for gifts. We had so much fun, but the kitchen was a mess! 🙂 Thanks for sharing, pinning and have a fabulous weekend! (Love the blue pops!)

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