Wine Barrel Makeover

This wine barrel was actually on the way to the dump or goodwill (I can’t remember) but we decided to “help a friend out” and give it a new home. I’m going with the story that they needed extra room on the bed of the truck so they could hall away more junk. With a little bit of sanding, stain, stenciling and love, I was able to give it a brand new look.

 I’m back again for this months thrift store challenge, make sure to check out all the amazing makeovers at the end of this post.

Here is the before, it has excellent bones, just needed a little TLC.


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Products Used:

Minwax Stain in dark walnut
Clean Rag
Screws and Screwdriver
For The Monogram:
Printer Paper



First I secured the top of the wine barrel with the wood side slates using new screws.

Next I sanded the whole top of the barrel and lightly sanded the sides.

Now it was time to stain the whole barrel. When using the weather wood stain, you must sand down to the raw wood if your furniture is painted or stained.

  1. Pour the weather wood stain into a separate container
  2. Using a rag I applied an uneven coat of light oak stain on the barrel but not on the top. You can also use a foam brush or regular paint brush as well.
  3. Allow to air dry, this took about 60 minutes.  I liked the way it looked so I did not add a second coat.
  4. I applied the flat varnish on the wine barrel but not on the top
  5. I wanted the top of the barrel to be a contrasting color so I added a even layer of dark walnut minwax stain using a rag.  I allowed it to dry overnight.
  6. I’m not very good at free handing so I printed out the letter S on my printer. Using scissors I cut the S out and taped it to the top of the barrel. I traced around the S, lifted the paper and filled the S in with the sharpie.
  7. Lastly, I used a clean rag and applied the Min wax paste finishing dark wax on the top of the barrel.



Learn how to age a wine barrel so it looks like beautiful drift wood

You can see I didn’t 100% fill in the letter to make it look a little more aged and rustic.

Learn how to age a wine barrel so it looks like beautiful drift wood

I love the new color, it gives it that perfect aged driftwood look.

We have been having crazy amounts of rain here in San Diego so everything is blooming, including tons of weeds. I can’t wait for a weekend where the sun is shinning so I can work in the yard and get a little vitamin D!

Learn how to age a wine barrel so it looks like beatufiul drift wood

Thank you for allowing us to take your trash Hadley’s!


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  1. I love you how made your stencil! Your new/old wine barrel turned out great! I love your backyard – it looks so much different than my view from Ohio 🙂

  2. That’s actually a whisky barrel. That it might have contained wine in the past is entirely possible, but the shape of it is what is called “Whisky barrel”.

    1. That is so interesting Gloria, thank you for letting me know. I need to get another ring for the top of the barrel and when I started looking online the whisky barrels came up and our barrel looked more like the whisky vs the wine! At that point I started to wonder, so good to know!

  3. I love to get free junk, it’s really a win/win, right? You helped your friends-so it all worked out in the end.

    You did a fabulous job on the wine barrel. It really is an awesome find.



  4. Oh, your wine barrel brought back memories. When my sister and I were teenagers, my mother redid our room. She bought an old vanity, was quite big with 3 mirrors that bent in and it had two drawers across the front. She made a beautiful gathered skirt with pink cotton all starched and gathered with a see thru white dot top layer. then somewhere my dad got two small wine barrels she painted pink. One was for a seat at the vanity and had identical skirt around it. The other set by our bed as a little table with a small lamp on it that’s base was a pretty victorian like lady.I don’t know what ever happened to the vanity or the barrels. Sure wish I had them back again! She wallpapered the walls herself and did all the decorating. Our bed was one of those iron frames that had the fancy designs in the headboard.. My mother was a great diy-er back in the early 50’s and what she did always looked very elegant. We had a lot of envious friends .

    1. I love this story Ronny, thank you for sharing! I’m imaging what it would look like, I bet it was fabulous! My sister and I shared a room, we painted it pink and my grandmother sewed all of our bedspreads, ruffles and all. My mom painted all of the furniture, such great memories. Although, I believe we ended up with a line of masking tape down the middle of the room . 🙂

  5. Your barrel came out beautifully. My daughter has one that she uses for trash–the lid keeps her large dog out of the garbage. YOURS is sooo much nicer!

  6. I am so jealous!!! I have wanted an old wine barrel for years to use as a pub table in our media room by the pool table. They are so pricey to have shipped! This is such a wonderful look!!! I hope you friend doesn’t regret handing it over!!!

    1. I have to Christy, whenever we go wine tasting we always ask but they aren’t getting rid of them. When I looked to order online, forget about it, but they were all so expensive. If she wants it back I’ll just tell her she can come over and have wine with me 🙂

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