Fun in the sun with Seagram’s

Summer is just around the corner which means bbq’s, pool parties, neighborhood block parties and lots of family fun!  Living where we do, we are so fortunate to have gorgeous weather, amazing friends and neighbors with pools.  Who needs to go anywhere when paradise awaits us right in our own backyard?  When Seagram’s Escapes asked if I would like to sample their refreshing fruit flavored coolers, I decided for the sake of research I would help them out, (honest!). Besides, how could I say no to tasting ready-to-drink, refreshing coolers?

Jamaican Me happy might be one of the most refreshing coolers I have tasted in quite some time. Filled with luscious lemons, sweet strawberries, mouthwatering melon and great-tasting guava, it had me feeling like I was sitting under a palm tree on a sandy beach far far away.  Although my fabulous friend’s pool is just fine with me!

There is nothing better than a delicious chilled drink on a hot day while hanging out with some of my favorite people relaxing!

My second favorite was the Sangria; it was extremely smooth and infused with orange, apple and peach fruits, which gave it the perfect amount of sweetness without overpowering the wine.

I also love the fact that you can use Seagram’s Escapes to create a delicious cocktail with a little more kick.

Guess what else they are offering for all of us who are too busy to pull out the blender and all of the fixings. They have a slew of pre-made, freezable drinks that come in individual pouches.

You simply stick the pouch in the freezer and let it chill. Once you are ready to enjoy, you simply pull it from the freezer and let it sit for a few minutes or run it under water until it’s squishy. The best part: you can either enjoy it straight out of the pouch, or pour it into a fancy glass and let everyone believe you have been slaving over the blender all day. These are perfect for the summer months while hanging out at the pool, boat, beach or park!

I also love their bottles–so colorful and pretty–perfect to have in the garden to display a bright and beautiful rose!

What delicious flavor you would like to try?

Visit Seagram’s Escapes or like them on Facebook to see a complete list of flavors and find a store near you. 


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