Beautiful DIY Fall Crafts

Hi friends, thanks for stopping by, I have a beautiful collection of fall crafts for you today!  You are all so talented and I love looking through all of your posts each week!

A collection of beautiful fall crafts you can make at home

Anderson and Grant transformed these beautiful pumpkins with chalk paint!


Making it in the Mountains created this simple yet beautiful fall wreath in 10 minutes!


Sondra Lyn made these adorable twine pears from a lightbulb, I need to start saving my bulbs!


Love this fall banner from Sincerely Jean.


Little Bits of Home created this cute pumpkin with jute ribbon and foam pumpkin.

pumpkin detail

This craft is engenious, fall leaves made from hot glue from Our Peaceful Planet.


It doesn’t get much cuter then this DIY acorn wreath from Domestically Speaking.

You can find more Fall ideas below, have a great weekend!

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  1. So many wonderful, incredible, doable Fall decorations to make. ,Now which one do I do first? Love Fall and making new decorations every year.
    Am surprised that after all this time knowing about your blog, didn’t know you lived in San Diego. We lived in S.D. areas for 21 yrs. mostly in Santee, up to what was at the time, almost end of Magnolia. We were there last June/2016 to see our oldest son and grandsons. Wow has it changed out there. So much all around the area of Magnolia and Mast Blvd. Our son bought a house couple blocks north of the high school and East of Magnolia, less than a mile from where we used to live. We hadn’t been back to San Diego since we left in May/1992 so you can imagine how changed everything was. At time we moved to MT we bought 20 acres on Canyon Ferry Lake about 32 miles south of Helena, MT. Talk about different for this city slicker but I loved it. We only lived there 7 yrs. then we moved to Bowling Green, KY area where oldest son lived then with his family. We lived there for 5 yrs,. then in 2004 we moved to Grand Junction, CO area where our two youngest kids live. Both our two oldest kids are back in San Diego areas.. We all moved to S.D. in 1971 when kids were still young from Tucson, AZ.
    How long have you lived in San Diego? Are you a native San Diegan?
    Sure was different everywhere we went. One night we went looking for IKEA in Mission Valley, Didn’t find it til 8:15 so didn’t have much time to look around in IKEA. That was first time had ever been in an IKEA. Wore me out going round and round and was hot in there.
    Sorry if have told you lot more than you ever cared to know. Was happy to find a San Diegan.
    Happy rest of week and weekend

    1. My parents moved here in 71, just the same time as you and I was born in 72 and have never left 🙂 My husband always talks about moving out of state but we are so fortunate with our weather I don’t think I could leave. I secretly would love to go live on a farm for a more simple life but I don’t think I would do too well with the winters. So much has changed and it continues to change with so much growth. So glad you reached out, always love hearing about my readers, I really do appreciate it! Have a great weekend!

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