Gallery wall leading up the stairs

Our gallery wall leading up our stairs is all finished!
I have to say this was not an easy task. 
 I had this vision and lots of inspiration on the web but it took a lot more then that.
Here is what we started with
Then I found this beauty at Marshall’s for $39. 
 For some reason it looked
at the store. 
When we hung it up, it shrunk,
 imagine that.
So I started adding frames I had around the house.
Some I spray painted, some were already the perfect color. 
I thought having all white frames would look really neat. 
 I quickly realized black touches needed to be added to balance the wood stairs and banisters that are stained very dark.
I respray painted a frame and the S that I had already painted white and added a few accessories.
So much better.
If you missed the stenciled wall you can read about it
The iron gate leads into my happy place,
I mean my wine closet.
 On the second landing I added a beautiful Lilly for a little pop of green.

 ~Here is a reminder what the stairs looked like before~
Enjoy your day and thanks for stopping in!


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  1. Oh Kristin it looks beautiful. Such a balancing act with a gallery wall and yours looks perfect. I like the mix white and black. And that happy place is calling my name. Lovely.

  2. Beautiful, Kristin…I think it was a good idea to balance the white with a little black. I really like the variety you have up there, this is one of my favorite wall galleries!


  3. It looks beautiful Kristin! I love the clock and frames. You did such a great job making it all come together.

    Have a great day.

  4. I have wanted to do a gallery wall up my stairs for years. My in laws have theirs covered with old photos and I love it.

  5. It looks really great. A perfect example of what to do with those beautiful but frustrating massive walls!

  6. I would have lots of trouble hanging things on a slanted wall going up the stairs. I think I'd have lots of "oops" nail holes to fill in when I was done! You did a great job! The wall looks wonderful!!

  7. Gorgeous! The dark stained rails and stairs look amazing against the light paint! Mmm hmmm… you really transformed this space. The clock and the open frames look great! Best gallery wall I've seen! You really have me thinking about doing something with ours. We just have a boring clock …oh, and boy fingerprints 🙂 Love it, Kristin!

  8. I absolutely love everything you did leading up the stairs. I'm obsessed with empty frames and I see you are too! 😉 They just add such a wonderful touch!


  9. It's beautiful! I can't begin to imagine the tons of measuring and preparation involved to ensure that all frames and art hung at proper height and angles.

  10. Nice job, Kristin! I love the way it turned out! I guess there is some trial and error to getting a gallery wall to look just right, but you nailed it.

  11. That looks amazing! I am in the process of repainting and doing some photo collage walls. I love this idea though. Not photo overload but expressive just the same. Thanks for inspiring me 🙂

  12. Kristin, this turned out amazing. I just love the frames andt he clock. I love your happy place too. Let's get a tour of that!

  13. It looks absolutely gorgeous Kristin! Seeing the before pic really shows just how far it has come. Great job! 🙂

  14. You did a great job with your gallery! Love seeing the layers take effect. And you happy place…I'm jealous!

  15. Kristin, It looks so much better and so amazing now! I love how you mixed up the dark and light. You were right that it did need some balance. Great job!

  16. Kristin it looks wonderful. Black & white photgraphy would add to it as well!!

    Great job!

    Art by Karena

  17. WOW!!! You did an amazing job, especially when seeing the 'before' again. I love your gallery wall and the stencil too.

    I also have a peace lily in our den. Did you know that they are great for purifying the air? Awesome added bonus!

    Hugs to you sweetie,

  18. The clock was a great beginning and along with your frames you have created a really great 'picture' wall. Love the addition of your lily plant. Darks and lights.
    – Joy

  19. I'm with Courtney…that "happy" place is calling my name. The iron gate is beautiful!! The gallery wall is fantastic. I love the mix of black and white. I need to do something on the wall leading up our front stairs…might have to give something like this a try, as the traditional pics don't work well with 20 ft ceilings!

  20. The transformation of your stairway and the walls is just amazing. 🙂 You had a great amount of patience to deal with that stenciling project! I think I would have been in your "happy place" quite a bit while doing that. LOL

  21. Beautiful! Would love to do something like this, if only I could convince my husband why I was hanging picture frames without pictures in them. 🙂 He just wouldn't understand!

  22. Oh my Kristin, its like night and day the difference. Looks amazing! I hate it when I see something in the store and when I get it home it either shrinks or its like 10 times to big. I think the clock looks just right.

  23. It came out great! I considered doing something like that on my wall but our stairs are so narrow I think it would end up looking cluttered. Really nice job.

  24. It looks beautiful, Kristin. I think you have the perfect balance of black and white and different shapes and sizes. A really ncie job! Your home looks lovely.

  25. I LOVE it Kristin. It is harmonious with the staircase and entry. There's lots of interest, but it's not at all busy. Awesome job.

  26. Kristin, it looks fantastic. I love how you have shown the way you tried different looks. I love the final outcome well done. Love the happy place too! Cheers! 😉

  27. Kristin it is beautiful! I love the clock and all your frames! Gallery walls are so much fun to do but you are right, it does take a bit of planning or nail filler if you are me. 🙂 I can't wait to see your foyer!

  28. What a wonderful wall you created for your beautiful stairs!! I wanna do something like this for my stairs but I don't know how and from where to start… 🙁 my stairs wall is so empty!!
    Finally your logos are back!!

  29. kristin it look lovely! i like the little touches. i need to redo mine it's too tightly spaced. have a great weekend! susan

  30. I have a very empty staircase at my home, this is inspiring many ideas. The mix of things hanging here is really fun and looks wonderful with the updates you've made to the stairs. I'm sure you get a little smile on your face each time you go up and down.

  31. It's just perfect! I've wanted to create a wall gallery as well, but I'm frozen….not knowing what piece to start with…. Maybe I should just jump in with both feet and do it! Great inspiration,

  32. I'm late to the party, but this is beautiful and truly compliments your stenciled wall. I also am quite taken with your new blog design, just beautiful! Janell

  33. OMGoodness, Kristen, the wall looks AWESOME!!!! Great job! I know it isn't easy to do an angled wall like that and the color balancing came out perfect! I love your home!!!!!! XO, Pinky

  34. Just beautiful!! Gallery walls are an ever evolving thing aren't they? 😉 Your stairs look incredible and I love your plant on the landing. It looks very put together. Thanks so much for sharing this at Transformations and Treasures!

  35. I love it! I'm getting ready to do one and this is perfect inspiration! Thanks! And, thanks for stepping us through the issues you faced along the way.

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