2019 Christmas Home Tour – Holiday Housewalk

  each home is magical and unique in its own way!



If you are stopping by from The Morris Manor, welcome!  I adore her 1919 restored Virginia farmhouse, make sure you head over if you missed it!

This year I  kept the same neutral color pallet as last year and took a very simplistic approach to decorating.  “Less is more” as well as light, bright, and simple really speaks to me.  I do love color and we have lots of red splashed around upstairs but since the downstairs is so open I have to keep it pretty cohesive down here.

As you walk through the front door you walk past the stairs and directly into the dining room which is open to the great room.  I pulled out some gold candles from years past and created a tablescape around them.  Using bottle brush trees, gold ribbon and a few lighted houses it all came together.


I haven’t shared our new piece in the dining room with you yet.  After 19 years, it was time to trade in our traditional china cabinet as our tastes have changed over the years and it was pretty beat up.  Since I am the proud owner of three sets of china (My Grandparents, My Parents and Our’s) I knew I wanted a display case, just not the traditional hutch.  I decided to go with a Casement cabinet which makes a great alternative to a china cabinet.  I’m hoping, one day when our boys get married, each will take a setting, it would mean the world to me to keep the sets in the family.




From the dining, we walk straight into the great room, this is where it all happens!

I went with soft neutrals for our mantel using lots of green, whites and greys.  If you look hard enough you will spy lots of dogs lounging around. Where I am, they are right there with me.


Elegant Christmas Mantel


Elegant Christmas Mantel



In the kitchen, I added fun pops of red and lots of favorites from Trader Joe’s!

With all the rain this week, soup has been simmering most nights!





Up Next is Number Fifty-Three, you are going to love her ever-evolving eclectic mix.



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    1. Thank you Jen and thank you for all of your hard work you put into this tour every year, I appreciate you! XO Merry Christmas. (Wish I had more trips planned to IL but my in-laws moved here)

  1. Your home is beautiful Kristin! I really like that new piece in your dining room, do you mind sharing where you found it? You have a gorgeous family, the boys are getting so big!

  2. Kristin! I always love your beautiful house in any season but it’s especially beautiful at Christmas! I love your neutral color scheme but nothing can top that fabulous family photo! Merry Christmas!

  3. Everything looks so beautiful, Kristin! Your staircase is so grand and I love how you blend everything so naturally! All the boys look so handsome next to their gorgeous mom! Thank you for being there for me this week!! Xxxooo

    1. I loved being on the tour with you this year Julie!!! Wishing you and your beautiful family a wonderful Christmas! xo

  4. Hi Kristen, i can’t believe how big the boys are getting. I’ve been following your blog for that long…cause they use to be little 😃 thanks for sharing your pretty holiday home. Love the new piece in your dining area and the thought and sentiment on what you use it for. Happy holidays. My thoughts and prayers remain with you. Big hugs

    1. It’s been so fun watching our kids grow, so crazy how quickly times flies. Wishing you a beautiful Christmas my friend! xo

  5. Kristen, your dining room is spectacular! That soaring ceiling, gorgeous garland on the stairs, and that hutch, wow! Loved your entire tour!

  6. I love the way you decorate your house, It’s just amazing, specially I love the bottle brush trees, lighted house and the fire place these three are stunning, really, i’m rethinking. I love your post. Thanks for the share.

  7. Kristin, your home looks so beautiful and festive. I love your soft color palette. I will be going with a softer palette next year. This year, my daughter wanted the red and white again. We are enjoying it though. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

    1. Thank you so much Cathy! I love the red and white colors as well, it’s fun to switch it up a bit every once in a while! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  8. Your table is so pretty, love the gold mixed with the white and those little houses! I can’t believe how big the boys are, they are so handsome, you are blessed! Merry Christmas! Teri

  9. Everything looks so warm and inviting, and simply lovely, my friend! I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas season. Your family is so handsome… I’m sure you get this all the time… are the boys triplets? (I’m sill new to your blog, so… yeah. 😉 )

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