DIY Cedar Planked Closet With Built In Desk

I am so excited to share our DIY cedar planked organized closet with a built in desk today!  With 3 boys and 2 of them sharing a room they were starting to get on each other’s nerves. (a lot)  This meant we had to say goodbye to our guest room and move our oldest downstairs.  This was a huge step for me, for him it was no big deal, why do they grow so fast. The problem with this closet is it was MY closet.  All my books, junk, chairs, blankets, sewing supplies, you name it had to find a new home.  Most of it went to goodwill while the other was stored in the already busting at the seams laundry room.

DIY Cedar planked closet with built in desk

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Canned food organization

~Hi Friends~

I feel like I am in the middle of about a dozen unfinished projects and it’s driving me bonkers. The task of getting organized can sometimes be a very daunting but I am determined. I decided to finish one thing at a time starting with the pantry.  I want to use what I already have and if I must buy something it needs to be from the dollar store, I’m on a big time budget these days.

Feeding a family of 5 gets pricey so when something goes on sale I stock up which means a pretty full pantry.  I spied these nifty little wire baskets at the dollar store, grabbed a large and small can and they fit! I have seen all sorts of amazing DIY canned food storage ideas but really, who am I kidding, these baskets will do the trick!

 Labeling the baskets seemed like the best idea so I know exactly what I have on hand.  The labels came from Online Labels and they have a label designer program which makes creating and printing super easy!

 There is still so much more to do, I’ll be sharing little bits and pieces over the next few weeks and a whole lot more, so stay tuned!

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Staying Organized~Free Printable

Call me crazy but my calendar is made from real paper I actually write on it, I just can’t do the digital organizing thing. Trust me I tried and I failed.   I am a visual person, I need to have it all out in front of me, not on a small screen, I have to write, I’m a list person, tell me I’m not alone.

My next dilemma was separating family, blog and home. If I tried to put them all on one calendar well, that would be setting me up for disaster.  I searched and searched for  free printable planners on the web that were functional for each category and cute.

For my blog I downloaded the Blog Planner from Gifts We Use.  Very simple and to the point.  I can write down all my crazy thoughts for projects in the note section and I can write down my scheduled posts on the calendar. Easy Peasy.

I used Oh So Lovely  free printable trellis patterned calender for our families personal use.  I can keep track of our super busy social lives (ha ha) I mean my taxi schedule for the boys.

Next up is a weekly planner which breaks down household tasks into manageable daily and weekly bite size pieces from the Confident Mom. It also has a space at the top for the days menu plan. I was thrilled when I won this from Sand and Sisal!

free planner page preview of organizing planner

The only downfall right now is the binder seems a little on the bulky side, I might have the pages spiral bound so it is easier for me to slip into my purse for when I’m on the go. So far I’m loving it and I haven’t missed a game, practice of appointment yet!

How about you, what works for you when trying to keep your life organized?  Please feel free to add the URL’s to any printable in the comment section for others to use that you think would be helpful.

~Have a fabulous day~