The Dresser Before and After

This chest was from Ikea back in the day when Ikea’s furniture wasn’t made like it is today. They have definitely changed for the better. This sat in my sons room for a few years until all the drawers became hard to open and it was a little wobbly. So in my closet it went, just one problem, the color!




I had bought some sample paint, Benjamin Moore Gray Wisp. Unfortunately, it wasn’t going to work in my house but I couldn’t let it go to waste, it was too pretty of a color!







Of course I couldn’t leave it alone, I had to distress the edges



So much more ME!



Which means… closet is almost done! Remember how I said we found the $50 craigslist closet organizer? Well it was put up a long time ago by wonderful hubby but of course I have to accessorize. Can’t wait to share it with you!


Hope your having a wonderful day!



Painters Drop Cloths As Outdoor Drapes

I have to say it was a perfect weekend! The weather was gorgeous, we were able to spend time with wonderful friends, good wine, good food, good conversation, it really doesn’t get much better! We are pretty fortunate here in San Diego to have such amazing weather. When the first signs of spring appear I can’t wait to turn our backyard into our little slice of heaven and hang up the drapes!

Last spring I purchased the Home Depot drop cloths on sale, two for $10. I gave them a hem, spray painted some pipes bronze and my hubby hung them for me. Now we can block the sun from any direction and it’s like our outdoor living room. Coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon, wine at sunset, we use it so much.

It was one of the easiest projects and one that gets so much use! So hopefully before Summer arrives you can rade your home store of the painter drop cloths and make your little outdoor room! Trust me, when you see the prices for the sunbrella fabric you’ll thank me.

 This is how they we secured them to the house.

This right here is what it’s all about!

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Better Homes & Gardens is Coming to My House!



So I’m finally ready to spill the beans, some very exciting news to share with all of you! Better Homes and Gardens special interest publications magazine is coming to photograph our kitchen for an upcoming issue in early April!


When I started this little blog of mine it was a way to document our projects around the house, a way to thank all those that were so forthcoming with their tips when we were going through our kitchen renovation. Never in a million years would I think I would have more then 5 followers or have someone like Better Homes and Gardens look at my sight. Do you know how many years I’ve subscribed to their magazine and drooled over their inspirational photo’s. The Special Interest Publication is one of my all time favorite go to resources.


I’m one of those people who never thought I would be good enough for many things in life, it’s held me back from many of my dreams. When I received the e-mail from the associate editor followed up by the call I realized maybe I am OK, it’s definitely been a self-esteem booster! So thank you Rachel from BHG for noticing me.


So now you know why all the sprucing has been happening around here we have even started adding the glass to the kitchen cabinets that have been sitting in the garage. We normally don’t work at such an accelerated pace but I figured Better Homes and Gardens deserves our best.


So as exciting as this is for us I’ll be honest, I’m a little nervous, OK I’m terrified. Still can’t believe it’s happening, we have a list of things to finish in the kitchen before they get here. So if you’re in the process of thinking of a kitchen or bath makeover pick up their Spring issue, it’s fabulous! Big dreams on real budgets, it’s packed full of wonderful ideas!


Lastly and most importantly, thank you for making this new journey in my life so rewarding! The friendships I’ve made have been life-changing, thank you for just being you and for reading my journey in transforming our home!


My readers truly are the best!



Plant Yourself a Garden

Southern Living

I really am fortunate to live by so many wonderful people that I don’t call my neighbors I call them my friends.

We look out for each other, we travel together, we watch each others kids, we support each other, it really is a wonderful thing. I know how blessed we are and it really wouldn’t matter if we hit the loto, we would never move!

The benefits of wonderful friends is growing our own fruits and vegetables and sharing with everyone. It kills me to buy produce at the grocery store but sometimes what we are growing isn’t in season and I have to purchase it. When one of us talks about what tree we are going to plant next we think about what we don’t already have around here.

It’s a wonderful thing.

All the bunnies were eating all of my goodies so my hubby built me a raised herb garden with a gate, I love it! Sorry little bunnies!



The avocado’s were the best so far this year, seriously tasted like butter, amazing! My neighbor gives me a bag of about 6 every week


I’ve been know to make a pretty mean margarita with our orange tree and of course OJ for the kids


We have a few neighbors with lemon trees, let me tell you , nothing like fresh squeezed lemonade in the summer


I’m so embarrassed of my lime tree, poor thing, we never installed sprinklers on that side of the house and I forget to water it. Imagine if I actually took care of the tree, we would have an amazing crop. Right now we get about 50 for the season.

Have you seen these trees, oranges, lemons and limes all in one! Amazing!


She even has the cutest little apple tree.

Hope I’ve inspired you to plant a fruit tree or start a little herb garden the payoff is so rewarding! Wish I could give all of you wonderful friends a gorgeous arrangement like this one! My mother in law arranged it for me.


We live close to a wholesale flower company and they are nice enough to allow me to buy from them!

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Homemade Fruit and Vege Wash

Today I’m going to show you how to make your own homemade fruit and Vege wash. with 2 simple ingredients.

Did you ever see the Dr OZ show that showed what happened to your fruit before it hit the grocery store display? Well, I thought I was pretty good about washing my fruits and vege’s…Now nothing gets put in the mouth unless it’s been washed after seeing his show! I won’t go into the details but it really was a eye opener! I even wash the rinds of the watermelons and cantaloupes before cutting into them. Think about all the bacteria on the outside of the skin and you just keep cutting into the melon spreading the bacteria all around. I used to always buy the vege spray at Trader Joes (my favorite store) until I found out how to make your own with two simple ingredients. Think of all the money you will save!

Now, I just fill the cute vegetable wash container with my own homemade version.






•White vinegar



Fill your spray bottle with equal parts white vinegar and water. Spray the solution onto your fruits and vegetables, rub it in and rinse.


The acetic acid in vinegar kills bacteria and helps to dissolve the wax and pesticide residues.


That’s it, promise, give it a try!



Cleaning with Steam

I’m taking a little break from projects this week while I have company in town. Something that unfortunately doesn’t get put on the back burner is cleaning. I figured I would focus a little bit of time this week on how I keep my house clean while keeping our planet in mind. Let me start by saying I’m one of THOSE people who can’t really relax unless the house is clean. So for the most part my house is usually pretty spotless because I love to sit and read a great design magazine!


Let me start with the floors today. If you have any type of wood surface you will get what I’m saying. Why is that every cleaner I have tried leaves a residue? It drives me crazy! I finally switched to a steam cleaner about a year ago and I absolutely love it! No more residue, none! Just a bunch of wood floors that are spotless, streak free, residue free and cleaned with nothing but really hot water! No chemicals used, it cuts through all my dirt, grease, grime and all bacteria is killed, it really is amazing!




So if you have a lot of hard surfaces in your home a steam cleaner is really something to think about! It comes with a carpet attachment and I used it on the boy’s mattresses during the summer. I use it on the tile upstairs, the marble in the bathroom and I walk away feeling like my house is super clean yet I haven’t used any harmful chemicals. It’s a good feeling!


So get to work and start steaming those floors!

Enjoy your day-