DIY Wine Charms

I love dressing up a wine glass with a little bling.  Wine charms are super easy to make and you can really tailor them to fit everyone’s personality, they also make fabulous gifts!

You can find beads at pretty much any craft store for cheap.  We also have a bead store close by that I can easily spend hours in.  You can either buy the already made wine ring hoops for about a buck for 12 or you could use memory wire.

Just string the beads however your heart desires, grab some pliers and bend the end of the wire (aprox. 1/8 inch).

I did find some of my larger charms were not going to fit around the loop so I just thread some fishing wire through and tied it onto the charm.

I know what your thinking wine and crosses?  Well,  I was the preachers daughter, yup, for real, that’s a story for another day, besides haven’t your heard Miranda’s song…

‘Cause I heard Jesus,

He drank wineI

bet we’d get along just fine

He could calm a storm and heal the blind

And I bet He’d understand a heart like mine

Since we are talking wine, the other day my girlfriend was having “one of those days”  I saw this on facebook awhile back so I got my handy dandy pen out and filled the glass to the rim.  I think her day got a lot better.

 I would say the the approximate cost was about $2.00 each for the ones with the nicer charms.  The other ones were most likely about 25 cents.

~Have a fabulous day~


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  1. What cute wine charms. I love them. Preacher’s daughter, huh? I get it- I am married to one-I am his best “audience” to preach at! lol Oh- if my classmates could see me now-xo Diana ps. LOVE that Good Day/Bad Day glass! xo Diana

  2. So, so, so cute and I have been beading like a crazy person lately. Definitely need to make some of my own. Thanks for the idea, yours are so pretty! {How I would LOVE to be drinking wine with you my lovely friend!!!!!}

  3. Really nice. I just bet there are all sorts of other little things to put on those wires for different seasons and occasions. LOVE the green cross!

  4. Love the charms. I don’t even drink anymore but I have to admit, the glass with the fill lines made me laugh. Too funny.

  5. A friend and I have been talking for months about hosting a wine tasting party together. These would make a nice party favor for our guests to take home. Did the bead store sell the rings? I looked for them at Hobby Lobby once and couldn’t find them. We have a great bead store nearby so I know I’ll give this a try.

  6. LOVE them. I think Im gonna go ahead and make myself some beer ones too. Great idea Kristin.
    A very happy Easter to you (Thats like a day or two faar) and kisses to grayson. I hope he is doing well.
    Tell him, he has an Indian fan 🙂

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