DIY Installing faux stone indoors

Space underneath the stairs is often neglected yet the possibilities are endless with what you could do with this tiny space.  About 7 years ago when we tore down our family room wall we decided to have our contractor open up the space under our stairs. 1/4 of the space became our wine cellar and the other 3/4 a  place to hide all my junk!


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Turn a wine crate into a serving tray

~Hi Friends~

  I had some really nice wooden wine boxes that a local winery gave to me awhile back so I decided to transform one of them into a serving tray.  I have been working in the backyard and decided we were in need of a serving tray for when we set out food and drinks.

I simply gave it a coat of paint (same paint I used in our laundry room years ago) and stenciled on a design for a little interest using a sharpie. Since it would be housing beverages I sealed it with wax so liquids would not cause any damage to the wood.

I had purchased these gorgeous knobs awhile back from Cost Plus and decided they would make perfect handles.

Total cost $4 for the knobs

Super simple, fun and makes for the perfect tray.

You can find my homemade strawberry lemonade recipe here

Scrapwood sign~It’s a Spring Thing


I can’t quite seem to find the words to tell you how incredibly thankful we are for all of the prayers and encouragement for Grayson, THANK YOU! People near and far from around the world have been praying and God listened! Grayson was taken out of critical care yesterday, we are one step closer to going home!!!  I promise to continue to keep everyone posted, from the bottom of our heart, thank you so much!

I have had this post scheduled before Grayson became ill and I am so glad I didn’t have to miss out on it.  I am participating in It’s a Spring Thing with some of the most incredible bloggers out there!  Mary Beth from Cupcakes and Crinoline started us off with a delicious looking Lemon and Blueberry Butter Cake. Yesterday Jennifer from Dear Lillie shared her beautiful tablescape all set for Spring with gorgeous rustic elements. Kristin from Simply Klassic Home will be sharing on Thursday followed by a ton of more talent you don’t want to miss!

A few weeks ago I decided it would be fun to make a welcome spring sign and display it by our front door. (I’ll be honest, it’s still sitting somewhere in the house right now)

I grabbed scrap wood out of the hubby’s woodpile and went to work.

I  found a small piece of wood that would work to attach them altogether, I just sawed it in half  and used screws to attach the boards.

I Filled the holes with wood filler and sanded over the whole piece to make it smooth.

I painted on a coat of ASCP from a mix I used awhile back.

I free handed some words and graphics and painted them in, thank goodness the paint hides my horrible writing.

You can’t beat free!

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On March 18th we’ll all be hosting one HUGE It’s a Spring Thing Linky Party where you can link up your spring and Easter posts.  We have been busy pinning over at It’s a Spring Thing on pinterest and we can’t wait to start pinning new projects once the party is live!

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The easy way to install Crown Molding

There is something about crown molding, it adds such an elegance to a room and it doesn’t have to be tricky!  My fabulous hubby figured out a way to bypass all that craziness and install double stacked crown molding while achieving the same results, if not better.  We have used this method in the Guest Room and the tops of our kitchen cabinets .

He opted to use 2 different types of baseboards cutting them at a 45 degree angles. We used this method in the kitchen and my husband found the cuts to be so much simpler then the cuts you are forced to use with the crown. He’s able to butt the molding right into the corner versus making difficult cuts with crown.

Prep molding with a light sand and paint


Measure how far down you want the baseboards


Mark wall with tape or pencil.  (the little nails are there to help keep the wood in place, this is optional)


Measure width of walls and make your cuts using a 45 degree angle


Always cut base board first (wait on the molding)

Nail the board into the studs of the wall

Now repeat this whole process with the crown that will lay on top of the baseboard.

If the molding must end in the middle of a wall, cap it with a return. In our case we have a vent so we added two returns. Cut the piece so that it comes to a point at the bottom edge. Avoid splitting the small piece by gluing the return in place rather than nailing it.

Use wood putty to fill all visible nail holes. We used caulk to cover any small gaps at the joints. Wait for the putty to dry and sand it smooth with fine sand paper. Paint over nail holes, you will be left with a seamless appearance!



Here is a little video! to help if you have any questions along the way



 Let us know if you have any questions

DIY Bathtub Shelf

I have had this bathtub shelf project pinned on “things I want to make” forever and this weekend we finally got around to making it. A huge thank you to Snippits of Design for the tutorial and my hubby for building it.  This was a zero cost project since we had all the materials.

Start off my measuring your tub so you know how long the width of the wood needs to be and where the support bars should go so the shelf won’t move around on you.

We have lots of scrap wood sitting around so we measured & cut 3 pieces of wood that match the width of our tub and 2 pieces for the support.


We nailed the three pieces of wood to the support bars that are on the underside of the shelf.

Sanded, I wouldn’t want any splinters while relaxing in my bubble bath.

Distressed it using a hammer and screwdriver. (this is the fun part)

Three coats of stain, used the darkest we had on hand.

Added a high gloss varnish and voila!

Thank you Snippits of Design for this wonderful idea and tutorial, isn’t her’s just gorgeous!


 If I’m not around for a few days you know where I am!

Blessings sign faux weathered wood

Using some scrap wood found in the garage I decided to add the word “blessings” since it would be placed in our
dinning room.
 I painted the wood using some leftover “On The Rocks”  with a dry brush.

I Found a font I liked in word and printed  out “Blessings.”
I traced the letters  using carbon paper directly onto the wood. 
Using a sharpie, I traced the letters and filled them in.

I dry brushed some white paint over the whole piece then applied some wood stain which was dipped in a wet cloth. I lightly applied it over the whole piece then wiped it off to give it a worn look.
I gave the whole piece a very light sand.

I wanted the wood to look worn so I took the electric drill and had some fun (shhh…don’t tell my husband)
I then dipped a pencil into the stain jar and filled in the distressed areas.  I guess you could call this the poor mans stain pen. (tee hee)

Then wiped the excess away, I wanted it darkened just a little bit.
I added a mixture of real white pumpkins, faux pears and a few of my painted grey pumpkins. 







Here is my inspiration photo, thank you so much Becky!
whole table