Envelope Back Pillow Tutorial


A very sweet friend of mine I met through blogging asked me to sew her a pillow.  Since I would only be sending her the pillowcase I knew I had to learn how to sew a envelope back, it was pretty simple, here is the tutorial.


Cut a piece of fabric that is the width of your pillow, plus 1 extra inch on each side. For the height add 6 inches in addition to the height of your pillow.

After the fabric is cut, hem the sides. I do this by folding the sides over a half inch and iron, then fold them over and iron again. This just gives it a more finished look.


Then sew 


 Lay fabric with print side facing you. Fold the hemmed edges towards the center about a quarter up. (I realized since I wasn’t working with a print it might be hard to follow along so I mocked this up to give you a better example)



Lay your other piece of fabric on top with print facing down.  Allow the top (where the envelope fold will be) to overlap about 2 inches.



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This is what it looks like with no print

I pin the two pieces together and iron where I am going to sew so my lines are straight. I know the more experience I have I could skip this step.

Sew and turn your pillowcase right side out.  Poke out the corners and insert your pillow.

Pretty easy!

Allison asked for the french postcard print from graphics fairy.

  I used the same process that I used  here to transfer the print.



I hope she likes it!


Revisiting the Foyer

After browsing the Internet and running into these beauties I ordered the white bench from CSN


Sarah Richardson


I will definitely need to sew a bench cushion for it


James Michael Howard Design

Entry traditional entry

Sullivan Conard Architects

Christmas showhouse 2009 traditional entry



Right now this is what I’m dealing with, I don’t feel like it reflects my style.   We are in the process of trying to make it more “us” 




Notice the crown molding that is half up?


And see the stairs…..it’s a work in progress, more about that later. 

 So hopefully after the bench arrives we can finish up this area and have an entrance that we love.


See you tomorrow for a link party!


Ruffle Tutorial and Link Party!

I’ve had my eyes on ruffles lately!

 I’ll be honest, I was a little intimidated to sew the ruffles myself.  Thank goodness for  blog friends.  You gave me the encouragement I needed to give the ruffles a try so I could complete my table runner.



I made the pleats by

gathering the material in one direction,  pinning,  then the other direction, and pinning.



I sewed along the top line of the pleats, to keep them together.



I sewed a straight line to combine the ruffles to the table runner I made.

Voila! I have ruffles!




I was going to sew the ends but liked the fringe look



It’s the perfect compliment to my dinning room

I found another urn in the house and refinished it like I did here


Soooo…. what have you been up to?  Craft, fall decor, furniture transformations?  Link up, I want to see, no rules, just have fun!



There were so many wonderful links last week!  Michelle from Emerald Cove had such a sweet story to go along with her scale, I had to feature it!





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