Homemade Barn Door

Every Tuesday I am completely inspired by all of the talent that is linked up.  There is one project that deserved a little extra attention.
I feel in love with Ashli’s projects and home when she first started blogging.  She is the writer behind Mini Manor and let me tell you, she has an eye!
Her husband MADE this barn door, is it not the coolest door you have ever seen?
She has more pictures here.

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  1. How cool is that! My husband and I did something similar with materials from Tractor Supply. Hers is much more "traditional" and looks great!!!

  2. Love, love, love the barn door and that double shade hanging from the ceiling. The room looks simple, elegant and country all blending in a lovely harmony that works so well. Thanks for sharing, Connie

  3. Wow! Thanks for highlighting Ashli's work, Kristin! I am her newest follower! What a talent and amazing voice she has! Thanks for sharing such special people on your blog! Also LOVED the Gianetti's post earlier today!

  4. Thanks so much Kristin!!!! I'm thrilled to be featured! It means a lot coming from you, I love your style and am so flattered to be featured!
    Thank you !

  5. I love them! They did a beautiful job on them. Thanks for sharing her project.


  6. that door is awesome!!
    I have admired several over the last few months….but if only I had seen this earlier….
    Love it

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