The easy way to install Crown Molding

There is something about crown molding, it adds such an elegance to a room and it doesn’t have to be tricky!  My fabulous hubby figured out a way to bypass all that craziness and install double stacked crown molding while achieving the same results, if not better.  We have used this method in the Guest Room and the tops of our kitchen cabinets .

He opted to use 2 different types of baseboards cutting them at a 45 degree angles. We used this method in the kitchen and my husband found the cuts to be so much simpler then the cuts you are forced to use with the crown. He’s able to butt the molding right into the corner versus making difficult cuts with crown.

Prep molding with a light sand and paint


Measure how far down you want the baseboards


Mark wall with tape or pencil.  (the little nails are there to help keep the wood in place, this is optional)


Measure width of walls and make your cuts using a 45 degree angle


Always cut base board first (wait on the molding)

Nail the board into the studs of the wall

Now repeat this whole process with the crown that will lay on top of the baseboard.

If the molding must end in the middle of a wall, cap it with a return. In our case we have a vent so we added two returns. Cut the piece so that it comes to a point at the bottom edge. Avoid splitting the small piece by gluing the return in place rather than nailing it.

Use wood putty to fill all visible nail holes. We used caulk to cover any small gaps at the joints. Wait for the putty to dry and sand it smooth with fine sand paper. Paint over nail holes, you will be left with a seamless appearance!



Here is a little video! to help if you have any questions along the way



 Let us know if you have any questions