Peach cobbler in a jar

There is something about Fall that has me excited to start baking again, especially my families favorite, Peach Cobbler. I have so many childhood memories walking through the doors from school and smelling the deliciousness coming out of my mom’s kitchen. Nothing comforts my soul more than being able to do the same for our boys.

In honor of Fall quickly approaching, I am sharing my Mom’s homemade peach cobbler for this years Autumn Abounds Party with some of my favorite bloggers!

Homemade peach cobbler

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Simple Fall Vignette and free printable

Hi Frieds, can you believe it’s that time again, Fall is quickly approaching! Here in San Diego you wouldn’t know, temperatures are in the 90′s and we have had perfect Summer evenings. However, I’m ready to slowly jump into the season a little bit at a time.  So why not share a little Fall inspiration with some of my favorite blogging friends!

Each one of us has a fun Fall vignette and a free printable for you to use, how exciting! A great big thank you to Kristin from Ella Claire for organizing!

Free Fall Printable Greatful Thankful Blessed

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Painted Pottery Barn Bookshelves

Hi Friends, hope everyone is having a great week.  The kids have started school which has been a little emotional for me now that we have a middle schooler. Seriously, how does time go by so fast, I really am trying to savor each passing moment but it is going by too fast.   However, I am  excited to get back to a schedule and start finishing up some projects around here!

About 2 years ago my hubby brought home a gigantic bookshelf wall system for our oldest.  I think I gave him the big eye roll at the time, I had just finished painting the bookshelves in the loft and there was no way I was going to be tackling this beast for a longggg time. It sat in his room unfinished up until about a week ago when my fabulous hubby decided to paint it.  Maybe the eye roll did work, you just have to be patient.

Painted bookshelves

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