Inspire Me Monday #79

Hi friends and welcome to Inspire Me Monday!   Since school started, weekends are just buzzing by!  I sometimes feel I need an extra day to recover from the busy weekends and spend just 1 day relaxing before the hustle and bustle starts all over again.  One can dream can’t she!  Did you get a chance to check out last weeks features?

Domestically Speaking shared all of your gorgeous fall wreaths.


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Strawberry-Kiwi Mojito

Do I have a treat for you, a strawberry-kiwi mojito recipe, one for the kids and one for the adults!  I am always looking for ways to get my water in on a daily basis, when I’m at home it’s easy drinking my infused water adding cucumbers and lemons.   Lets face it though, life gets busy and when being on the go, it gets a little more complicated to get my tasty water in.  This is why I love the DASANI DROPS, I can pop a cute little bottle in my purse and be ready at anytime to hydrate myself and family!

Strawberry Kiwi Mojito Recipe, the best cocktail ever

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5 Fall Mantels

Hi Friends, hope you are having a great weekend, I have 5 fall mantels to share with you today!  A great big thank you to everyone who linked up to Inspire Me Monday! Our evenings are a little cooler but the days have still been in the 90’s, I am definitely ready for Fall!

5 beautiful mantels decorated for fall

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