Delicious Mud Pie Recipe & Taking a Time Out

Today’s post is a little bit off topic. I’m taking an opportunity to slow things down, even for just a moment while I sit and enjoy a slice of mud pie in my own time out.  It’s funny, people looking in from the outside might think I am just a busy mom of three, but truth is, I wear many hats.  First and most important, mom and wife, which in itself is about 20 jobs: Chef, Housecleaner, Nurse, Teacher, Chauffeur, Dishwasher, Psychologist, you get my drift, right?  In addition, I work for an attorney from home, take care of all my mom’s personal finances and work on this little blog which could be full time if I so desired and actually had the time.  I’ll admit, it is hard not to have the guilty mom complex when I have a little downtime. However, we all just need a moment to ourselves; we spend so much time taking care of other people that we sometime forget about focusing on ourselves. Tea and cookies

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Get The Look For Less & A Kitchen Cheat Sheet

We all know that space, Sarah Richard’s beautifully decorated kitchen with the fabulous patterns and colors that make for the perfect area for talking, laughing, eating and sharing. Realistically, we can’t all afford top of the line everything, thank goodness for all the great products that Decor Planet sells for reasonable prices!

Get the look of Sarah Richards kitchen for less

Whether your kitchen is small or large, it is the heart of the home. It is where the meals are created and memories are made.  I will admit, come 6:30 in the morning I’m not so happy making eggs or toasting bagels, cleaning up and repeating many times throughout the day.  However, come evening when we can all gather as a family, relax and talk about our day, nothing makes me happier.  The boys are also of an age where they actually enjoy eating what I cook, good bye to the days of making grown up meals and kids meals.  Do you realize I now actually love to cook dinners because I get to see our boys enjoying what has been put in-front of them, it truly warms my heart!

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Handmade Lemon & Peppermint Hand Scrub

I have a super easy and quick handmade Lemon and Peppermint hand/foot scrub for you today, a perfect gift for Mother’s day. I’m excited to be joining some of my favorite friends to celebrate this special day.  We have all created a special gift or craft for Mom using our fabulous Mason Jar’s and the best part……One lucky reader is going to WIN 30 pint size Mason Jar’s AND a fabulous package from Deco Art, Woo Hoo!

lemon scrub

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