Epsom Salt Ornament

~Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween~
I have been getting a ton of requests for the Epsom Salt Christmas Ornament thanks to Pinterest.  Unfortunately the link is broken since I moved to  wordpress. So while I clean up all of our spooky decorations I’ll leave you with this!
I already had the glass balls (purchased at Michael’s) and we always have epsom salt on hand (99 cent store).
Took out one of the kids glue sticks and glued about 3/4 of the ornament leaving a little bit of a swirl design on top.
Dipped it into the salt.
Let dry and you are done, it doesn’t get much easier.
I added some faux snow to a few other ornaments and scattered them around the dinning room table centerpiece.
Easy Peasy!
Hope you will give it a try for the upcoming holidays!

~Have a fabulous weekend~

12 thoughts on “Epsom Salt Ornament

  1. I am going to make these! So pretty and sparkly. Love that it is a simple project, too. I think a bunch of them set in a glass bowl that I have will be a pretty centerpiece.

  2. I made these at home and they’re beautiful! I also covered wine bottles in epson salt and put some pretty decorative branches in the bottle. I get more compliments on this homemade display than I do on my expensive store-bought decorations!

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