Colorful Kitchens

I love color, I really do but feel like I play it a little safe in our home. I use lots of neutrals with pops of color.  Hmmm…maybe when we hit the loto I can stop playing it safe, use vibrant colors really liven the place up and ad lots of drama in our vacation home.

~I can start in the kitchen~


Southern Living
Traditional Blue Kitchen Cabinets #06
Traditional Green Kitchen Cabinets #TT146
Traditional Red Kitchen Cabinets


How about you, do you play it safe or go for it?

7 thoughts on “Colorful Kitchens

  1. I can’t imagine my husband (and two boys) really enjoying a kitchen with hot pink cabinets – even though he really lets me do anything I want. It would be so fun to have a place to play with color, though – I agree.

  2. I’m feeling like I’m really neutral after seeing those bright spaces! LOL! I like pops of color and warm tones in general but think that some neutral lets the eye rest. And my eyes need rest I tell ya! 😉

  3. I’m playing it safe too, compared to all those beautiful, colorful places! I love them all!

  4. This post made me laugh, because, this past January, we transformed our red country kitchen into one that was inspired by yours! I used Chelsea by the Sea on the walls, and I love it so much. Very calm and soothing after years of Martha Stewart’s Bougainvillea for SW. Isn’t it funny how our tastes change?

  5. Don’t hesitate to use color. Every home I’ve had, until now, has been numerous shades of neutral. I too would use pops of color and everything looked lovely. Recently I downsized and am now in the most colorful home I’ve ever had ~ and I love it!!! I have everything from Verbena Green to Terracotta to Red and even Turquoise in the laundry room. It made me nervous at first, but I am thrilled with the results. Now I keep looking for places to add more color. Repainting furniture pieces a nice vibrant color to make them really stand out. It’s really fun and I’m glad I took the chance. The men in my life all appreciate it even more than I thought. There is nothing boring about my new place. Try it, you will like it!

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