5 Desserts In A Mason Jar

Today I have 5 delicious Desserts you can serve up in a mason jar!  A big thanks to everyone who linked up to Inspire Me Monday, I was having some technical issues and during a server switch a few posts went missing including Monday’s.  No worries though, you are still seen on all the other ladies blogs, phew!

5 Desserts in a Mason Jar

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Inspire Me Monday #65

Hi Friends and welcome to Inspire Me Monday!  We are in our last week of school which means lots of end of the year activities and boy are we busy.  Somedays I’m barely keeping afloat but it is all worth it when you see the accomplishments the boys have made this whole year.  Take a look at last week’s features, they are awesome!

Sand and Sisal featured all things grey and wow are they beautiful!


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