Meet Our Adopted Syrian Refugee Family

I’m excited to share with all of you that we have adopted a Syrian refugee family through Heart4Refugees here locally in San Diego. Watching the horrific and heartbreaking news and feeling so helpless I prayed that somehow our family could help. When we heard about this local organization we knew it was our calling.  Watching the millions of refugees that were forced to flee their homes and countries we couldn’t sit back, we had to do something!

Meet Our Adopted Syrian Refugee Family

Pictured from left to right; my husband Ray, our three boys and their 5 year old daughter.  In the back row is the father, myself, mother and 12 year old daughter (not pictured are their three sons)

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Inspire Me Monday #142

Welcome to Inspire Me Monday, hope everyone had a relaxing weekend.  We had a fun weekend with our soccer family in beautiful Coronado.  Now it’s crunch time for me to get ready for our family Christmas party this weekend.  Nothing like holding off till the last minute when you are hosting a party for 50+ guests, I think I do better under pressure!  So if you don’t hear much from me this week you will know why.  Check out the fabulous features from last week!  Remember to pin features from original source please, thanks so much!

How to decorate with greens from She Holds Dearly.


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Winner of the Balsam Hill Giveaway

I’m so excited to announce the winner of the Balsam Hill $150 gift card!  However, before we get to that I want to take some time to thank YOU… READERS, for being here, you are a tremendous blessing to me!  This holiday season is about love, joy, giving, and family and friends.  Hoping everyone is surrounded with those they love this Thanksgiving!
A big thanks to Balsam Hill for sponsoring this giveaway and allowing me to share our Scandinavian red and white Christmas tree!


A Scandinavian Red and White Christmas Tree

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Spiced Cranberry Sauce

Can you believe Thanksgiving is this Thursday, I have a delicious recipe for Spiced Cranberry Sauce that is so simple to make!

Spiced Holiday cranberry sauce


Spiced Cranberry Sauce


2 Cups fresh or frozen cranberries

2 Tablespoons Sugar in The Raw

1 Teaspoon ground cinnamon

1/8 Teaspoon ground clove

1/3 Cup pomegranate juice

Place all the ingredients in a heavy, medium saucepan and bring to a boil over medium-high heat. Simmer until the cranberries pop and soften, this takes about 10 minutes. Transfer to a serving bowl and cool to room temperature. Cover and refrigerate for at least 8 hours before serving to allow the flavors to meld. Cranberry sauce keeps for up to 3 days, tightly covered in the refrigerator.

Note: When doubling this recipe, do not double the cinnamon and liquid. Increase the cinnamon to 1 1/2 teaspoons and the juice to 1/2 cup.


Hope everyone surrounds themselves with those you love and be thankful for all of lives blessings this Thanksgiving day!