Wood Floors in the guest room

~Hi Friends~

We had a good amount of rain come through, the air is crisp, the skies are blue and the weekend is here!

There is a little something I didn’t share with you…oops. When we had our master bedroom floors put in we had the floors in the guest room replaced as well.  The carpet was pretty nasty, being 12 years old. Instead of new carpet we decided to install the same wood  that is throughout the first floor.  It was pretty comical around the house that week, no beds for us to sleep in so we put the mattress on the dinning room floor which of course turned into a huge trampoline for the kids.

OK onto some updated pictures

Sophie seriously follows me everywhere.

My husband’s handy work, I love crown!

When our family stays with us it is usually anywhere from a week to a month so when the kids are driving them bonkers they can shut the door and watch the tube.

Before, bye bye carpet!

~Hope your weekend is fabulous~

Paint color:

Chelsea by the sea, Ace Paints.

Wood floors:


STYLE: Brindisi Plank

COLOR: Cognac Hickory
5-inch x 1/2-inch wide planks

Foyer reveal

Happy Weekend Friends!
I only lost one post while blogger was down so I feel pretty fortunate.
I’ve been trying to put off showing you the finished foyer until all the painting was done, but I’ve come to realize it’s a huge job that could take forever.  Considering it took 2 years to complete the stairs and 5 years to complete the kitchen……
I took down the signs I made by the front door and added the vintage mirrors I found while antiquing last year.
I purchased the wire basket at an antique store while in Tahoe and my husband put the crown molding up.
The antique mirror was also purchased in Tahoe, this is in a niche to the right as you walk in.


Decorating a open floor plan can be so challenging at times.  Adding wood to the stairs definitely helped pull the whole space together!

The Light is from CSN, it replaced a recessed light, much more glamorous!

Thanks for stopping in, have a fabulous weekend!


The mudroom~craftroom~playroom~reveal!

Ready for the big reveal?
It’s such a tight space to photograph but I tried my best.
I have had so much fun transforming this room with you! Thanks for being so patient  with us and joining in on the ride!
Walking in from the garage looking straight ahead
at the kids computer area and toy storage.


If you walk in from the house you see my craft area where I painted my grandmothers
Sewing machine.



Walking in from the garage you see the mudroom wall and the door that leads into the house.
Some of you asked where we purchased the book shelf.  It was a craigslist find for $30. I have seen them new at Ikea for $99. 
The bench was free at a garage sale.
You can find out how we made the wall organizer out of two used pieces here.

Hooks from Target

Baskets from Target.
 I modge Podged their names on the wood signs from Michael’s.

Woven baskets from Ikea. I covered the magazine holders with fabric.

Bench pad and pillows I made.


You can see how we hid our garage door opener.

 The kids craft area is bright and sunny under the window.
The shutters were purchased on Craigslist for $20.
Table was free from a friend, which I transformed.

Here are some before shots.  I can not for the life of me find any pictures of this room when it was a garage.  The wall was built my my husband and father in law.
If I run across the pictures I promise to add them!




Once again, thank you, for your support, encouragement and such kind words!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Mudroom Wall Reveal!

I bet you thought the day would never come.
To be honest, I didn’t either, considering we started this January 1st!

So let’s start with the finished product and for those of you that are interested,
I’ll have a picture tutorial after all the fluffy pictures.Warning: Lots of pictures!

The wall before

Something tells me this will be the only time the baskets aren’t filled with junk





So, what is left?
Take the wheels off and attach the bench to the wall.

Find two more hooks and add them for more hanging storage.

Let’s take a look back and see how all this came to be.

Free bench

Sanded primed and painted

$30 bookshelf sanded, primed and painted

Husbands handy work with scrap wood

Add the bookshelf above

Add box above bookshelf to make it look like a heightened cabinet.
We did this in the kitchen.

Start adding trim and wainscot

Make shadow boxes

More Trim

Lots of trim makes everything pretty!


Considering the kitchen took us 5 years, this is pretty fast for us!
I’ll be posting pictures of the whole room on Monday!
Hope your weekend is fabulous!

Have you been saving those glass jars?

My corner of the mudroom is all finished.

I enjoy seeing my supplies so I chose to display everything in recycled glass bottles.
 I’ve talked about this in a previous post.
They make some of the best containers to display little treasures, the best part,
they are free!

Since California can sometimes be on the rocky side, I attached Velcro on each bottle so we don’t have any accidents.

 The shelves were being stored in a closet, I used to have them displayed in the nursery.  I’m so glad I hung onto them!

The frame I repainted and the blue form I purchased at Marshall’s for $6.00
I’ll be sharing more of the corner this week with you and how I pulled it off for $30.00.
So much talent has been linked up!
 Every week I have such a hard time picking just a few to highlight, this week was no exception.

Buckets of Burlap fabulous nesting boxes, look close to see what they really are!

Emerald Cove’s master bedroom transformation with her own faux fireplace!

Rosebud and Bluebells window valance, so pretty!

Lilies for Kate cleaned up this beautiful vintage daybed

At the Picket Fence made this beautiful guardrail cover

Link up, have fun, grab a button on my sidebar if you would like!




Drop Cloth Curtains

You most likely thought I was never going to show you the curtains hung…..
Truth be told I couldn’t stop adding more ruffles, they are addicting.
I know some of you were bit worried and thought about a ruffle  intervention, I’m OK…
really, I am.
l just I needed a wee bit help hanging the 10 foot pole,
the hubby is a busy man!

Now you know where I hung the silhouettes.

I want you to know these drapes are so imperfect but you know what?
They make me happy! 
I sewed on ruffles wherever my heart desired
and enjoyed every minute of it!
Here is the before….oopps never painted over the old blue in that corner.

Yes, someday I dream of something like this from Restoration Hardware.

Salvaged Wood Vintner's Hutch & Sideboard
No, silly not for the wine storage, although that would be nice.
All these little niches could be filled with crafting supplies!
Tutorial on easy sew ruffles