Make Your Own Detox Water And My Love For Spurtles

I know what you are thinking, detox water and a Spurtles, what do the two have in common and what is a Spurtle!  Recently, I was introduced to this amazing product which you can use to stir, scrape, spread, smash and so much more, I was instantly hooked thanks to Hearth and Home Goods!  Whether I’m baking or cooking, I find myself reaching for this Scottish kitchen tool which has taken the place of my cheap wooden spoons. So what does that have to do with detox water?  When I was making a batch of water last week the Spurtle came in handy when stirring so I thought why not share 2 of my new favorite things with you today!

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Tips For Organizing Your Refrigerator

Our kitchen is the hub of our home, it’s where we spend a lot of our time.  The one thing that drives me crazy is a messy kitchen, over the holidays my pantry and refrigerator became a place to shove things in and forget about it.  So today I’m sharing my tips for organizing your refrigerator, next week will be the freezer and then I’ll slowly put the pantry back together.  A huge thanks to Brenna at Domestic Charm for organizing this series, sometimes a deadline is all I need to get my butt into gear!

Great Tips For Organizing Your Refrigerator




OK I know this isn’t a ton of fun but you will feel so much better when you are done, promise!

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First things first, empty everything out of your refrigerator you can do this in steps or section by section.   Throw away anything that has expired or worse, is growing mold. (Yup open up those jars and look inside and on the lids)

Clean!  I pulled shelves and drawers out and scrubbed them down with hot soapy water. Give the rest of the refrigerator a good wipe down.

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When putting the shelves back in, take advantage of adjustable shelves.

Install shelf liners for an easy cleanup.  I’ve always used plastic mats but this time around I’m trying out the washable cotton liners, so far I love them.

Now it’s time to start putting everything back.

Let me preface this by saying there is not one “perfect” method, you have to do what works for you and your family.   I also need to add, our kids are older (10, 12, 14 so they don’t have a problem reaching)  Also, keep in mind every fridge is different which means storage will be different with each model.

Tips for an organized refrigerator

I placed larger condiments and baskets on the top shelf.

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DIY Kitchen Hacks On A Budget

I’m super excited to bring you 11 beautiful DIY kitchen hacks on a budget today!  This is a new series I will be taking part in where us bloggers will be sharing everything DIY once a month, this months topic is kitchens! A big thanks so Julie from Redhead Can Decorate for inviting me along!  So if you are new here, welcome!  Our kitchen was the very first thing I posted on my blog 6 years ago, wow does time fly!  It was a project my husband and I were extremely proud of and has been featured in Better Homes and Gardens. Now, if you walked into my kitchen today, you sadly won’t see the same kitchen that I’m sharing with you today, I’ll explain later in the post.

DIY Kitchen Remodel

DIY Kitchen Remodel

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Get The Look For Less & A Kitchen Cheat Sheet

We all know that space, Sarah Richard’s beautifully decorated kitchen with the fabulous patterns and colors that make for the perfect area for talking, laughing, eating and sharing. Realistically, we can’t all afford top of the line everything, thank goodness for all the great products that Decor Planet sells for reasonable prices!

Get the look of Sarah Richards kitchen for less

Whether your kitchen is small or large, it is the heart of the home. It is where the meals are created and memories are made.  I will admit, come 6:30 in the morning I’m not so happy making eggs or toasting bagels, cleaning up and repeating many times throughout the day.  However, come evening when we can all gather as a family, relax and talk about our day, nothing makes me happier.  The boys are also of an age where they actually enjoy eating what I cook, good bye to the days of making grown up meals and kids meals.  Do you realize I now actually love to cook dinners because I get to see our boys enjoying what has been put in-front of them, it truly warms my heart!

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