DIY How to turn a stool into a outdoor glass table


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Hi Friends, I have finally tackled and completed making our outdoor glass table that I have been wanting to finish FOREVER!!! I’ve had these awesome glass gems from the dollar store for months but my project was a total bust the last time I tried this because of the materials I was using.  I think I should start posting about all my failed projects, right?

Glass table using Elmer's Pro Bond and glass gems
I wasn’t able to find anything that would bond wood and glass together, UNTIL NOW, which made this project super easy!


Elmer’s ProBond Advanced
Wooden stool or table
Glass tiles or gems



Make sure your wooden stool or table is clean from dust and dirt.

Simply apply a layer of Elmer’s Pro Bond in small sections and placed the small glass pieces on top of the glue.

DSC_0018 I love that  Elmer’s ProBond Advanced glue dried clear which was perfect for these glass gems!  It is non toxic and  you can adhere porous to non-porous materials together, like wood to metal, glass, or ceramic to drywall, all without messy foaming, huge bonus!


You could just complete the top of the table but I decided the sides needed a little blinging as well.  The top took me about an hour, the sides didn’t take long, I just had to let the glass dry in sections so the glass wouldn’t slip out of place.


Outdoor Glass table DIY
I LOVE how this came out and it was SUPER easy!  It is a perfect addition to our sitting area outside and it would make an amazing and personal gift!

DIY Glass side table

Glass table using glass gems and Elmer's pro bond

DIY Glass table using gems

How would you use ProBond Advanced? You can find all sorts of Home Improvement project idea’s on Elmer’s Mixed Materials 
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Brown Sugar & Coconut Body Scrub

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, so in honor of all you fabulous mom’s, I have a simple DIY brown sugar and coconut scrub every Mom is sure to love.

How to makeDIY Coconut and Brown Sugar Scrub

I enjoy to be remembered and love to honor my Mom in simple ways, heartfelt things often mean the most.  In Honor of Mother’s Day, I have joined up with 5 fabulous bloggers to bring you a ton of inspiration and creativity for this very special day.

Mother's Day gift Ideas

Brown Sugar and Coconut Body Scrub Recipe

1 cup organic brown sugar
1/4 cup unrefined coconut oil
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

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DIY rose arrangement made from soap petals

~Hi Friends~

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!  We were hit with a cold rainstorm overnight which should make all the flowers I just planted very happy!  I was at Michael’s a few weeks back and ran across some soap rose petals in the dollar bin that I couldn’t pass up.  I figured if I don’t use them for a craft I can take them out when guests are over.

I decided to make a fun contemporary rose arrangement packed tightly into a square shape.

DIY Modern Rose Display

Supplies Needed:

Kraft Paper
Square container (I used a throw away garden container)
Soap Rose Petals (Waverly found at Michaels in the dollar bin)
Hot Glue
Ribbon or Twine
Not necessary but I used Moss in certain areas

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