DIY Bathroom Makeovers On A Budget

Hi friends, I’m back again for our DIY housewife series, this month is all about bathrooms!  Four years ago we started the process of remodeling our master bathroom ourselves.  We had the typical oak cabinets, 3 inch white tile countertops, mini blinds and the big surround bathtub.  We started by updating the cabinets with a coat of paint and installing a new backsplash.


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DIY Christmas Tree Ornament Display

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Home Depot, all opinions are my own and always 100% honest.  Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible!

Happy Monday!  I’m so excited to be partnering with Home Depot and their DIH ( Do it Herself) Workshop to bring you this DIY Christmas tree ornament display!  Starting early on some Christmas projects has been fun and I’m especially looking forward to relaxing once Christmas is here!


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DIY Advent Calendar

I’m sharing a fun DIY advent calendar to get you in the mood for a little holiday cheer!  A HUGE thanks to my sweet friend Kristen for bringing us all together to share our holiday graphics and vignettes with you again this holiday season!

Each year I always buy three chocolate advent calendars from Trader Joe’s for the boys.  Yes, they usually they eat the chocolate in the morning, shhhhh. In addition to the chocolate, I always make sure the kids know about the true meaning of Advent and why we celebrate.  nope it’s not about the chocolate and gifts

So we sit down and think of fun activities we can do as a family.  It could be as simple as watching a Christmas movie or reading a book, as long as we are doing it as a family, it’s a go!

DIY Advent Calendar!

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