DIY Bathroom Makeovers On A Budget

Hi friends, I’m back again for our DIY housewife series, this month is all about bathrooms!  Four years ago we started the process of remodeling our master bathroom ourselves.  We had the typical oak cabinets, 3 inch white tile countertops, mini blinds and the big surround bathtub.  We started by updating the cabinets with a coat of paint and installing a new backsplash.


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DIY Luxury Bathroom Makeover & A Huge Giveaway

This post is brought to you by Homewerks Worldwide LLC. Opinions are all mine!

Around here it seems like things take forever to get completed, this has definitely been the case for our master bathroom renovation. However, today I have to say I am super excited to say it is complete (for now) with a little luxury makeover.  We finished it off by adding our base boards, finished painting, moving a few things around and installing The Home NetWerks™ Bluetooth® Bath Fan & Speaker.

Bathroom Remodel

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Turn a frame into a dry erase memo board

I have such an easy tutorial for you today on how to turn a frame into a dry erase memo board!  You can write on glass with a dry erase marker and it comes right off! This project took me about 10 minutes from start to finish, not kidding!   My oldest is an early riser so I love to leave him little notes that he can see first thing in the morning!

You can write on glass with a dry erase marker!

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Shutters for the master bathroom

You know when you have what seems to be a billion projects going on at once and they are all unfinished?  That about sums up our home over here the last 4 months, it wasn’t our intention it’s just life but you know what, it’s OK. Yes, it can get a little overwhelming at times but when something so unexpected happens to one of your children you quickly realize everything else can wait, my family is my number one priority. Now when something actually does get done it feels really really good!

I started on the mater bathroom June of 2012 with painting the cabinets, yup, that would be 10 months ago.  We started making a lot of progress but when it came to the windows we were stuck.  The blinds are 12 years old broken and rusty.  Ray had picked up a shutter at a garage sale years ago, we just needed to find one more.  (buying new was out of the question,  have you seen the prices on shutters) Sounds easy enough, wrong, finding one that would fit the window seemed an impossible task but being patient does pay off, he found the second one off Craigslist. WOO HOO!

Ray had to make a few cuts to make one of the shutters work, thank goodness for a handy hubby!

This has me motivated to finish painting the walls near the shower and for Ray to finish installing the baseboards!

I just need have some paint color matched so I can touch up in a few places.

 Yay, I’m so happy, thanks for stopping in!

Ray built the super fabulous Bathtub Shelf for me awhile back and the paint color of the walls is Dutch Boy’s Refresh,  Route 66.

Dutch Boy Route 66 paint in the bathroom

Our master bathroom has always been an afterthought. Since it is only used by our family It was just a modge podge of stuff. We  finally decided it was time to give her a little makeover with paint being one of the main elements in transforming the space.

I knew right away I wanted Gray but it  is such a hard color to pick.  Why is it that something so easy, like choosing a wall color, puts me into a panic attack?

After much deliberation, I went with Dutch Boy’s Refresh,  Route 66, on the fan deck it looked sophisticated and elegant, exactly what I was after.

  I also needed to choose something that would work in the bathroom and this particular paint has Arm and Hammer odor eliminating technology, perfect!



 Hey wait, why does the huuby’s side get the framed out mirror and lights first? No Fair.

  This paint went on like butter on bread, super easy, and the best part is I only needed to use 1 COAT OF PAINT!!! Do you know how much time that saved me, I love that!



 It really is amazing how much gray can brighten up a room.  Have a fabulous day!

Framing out a mirror

~Hi Friends~

Sorry I have been so absent, it’s been a rough week to say the least. It is nice to take a small break from “life” for a minute and show you the progress on the master bathroom.  We also have family in town from IL and they have been a wonderful distraction!

The beginning of the week I woke up with no intention of painting and guess what, the whole bathroom, minus the shower area, received a fresh coat of paint! More details on that coming soon!

The best part of this bathroom project is I have only spent $150.00!  That includes  both vanity makeovers, mirror update, paint and lighting!  By adding just a few inexpensive updates and a lot of elbow grease you can totally change the look of any room, promise!

The hubby had some spare time and put one of the two vanity lights up and framed out the mirrors.

I painted the mirrors the same color as the cabinets, Chelsea Grey by Benjamin Moore, color matched by Behr.

Lights Before

Lights purchased at Overstock.

 For all of you DIY junkies here is the step by step, super easy, we did it a few years back in the boys bathroom, you can find that tutorial here.

Purchase the molding

Measure the mirror and cut your lengths at a 45 degree angle on a compound saw.

Paint the molding and make sure you paint the back as well, the mirror will reflect the other side of the baseboard and you don’t wan’t that to be unfinished.

We added this special sticky tape to the backs of the frame and for added reinforcement we used liqued nails all along the backs.

Hold it into place firmly for a few minutes, caulk the corners, touch up with paint and Voila, you have a whole new mirror!

For more information on updating your back-splash click here. You can find out about how I painted the bathroom cabinets here.

Have a fabulous weekend!

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